Monday, April 28, 2008

Two Day Savings at


These days it seems as though prices have sky rocketed. Everything form gas prices to the expense of keeping our refrigerators filled.
If your are looking for extra savings this spring and summer check out For two days only you will receive an extra 10%-20% off orders 50.00 and higher. Simply enter the promotional code at checkout and watch those numbers drop!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wee Squeak Shoes/Moving Forward


It is so amazing how far girls footwear has come these days. Of course I remember my younger days running around in my little keds, but WOW the newest trends have me and Josie in AHH!

Wee Squeak shoes are Girls Shoes - footwear that's fun to wear! Comfortable and stylish, these little shoes are great for any season. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, these children's shoes are a great gift idea as well as a way to help children learn to walk properly without even realizing they're being taught. Children's tennies and sandals in several different colors and styles, as well as traditional Mary Janes and other kids footwear.

Buy Wee Squeak shoes at today and keep her one foot in front of the other.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Premium Denim Jeans Now at

If you have a daughter like mine you know how picky they can be with what they want to wear. My little girl has always enjoyed wearing dresses and skirts and there have been times that she will absolutely not wear anything else without some sort of confrontation involved. She spent many winters in heavy tights and thinks jeans and pants are only for Boys! now has premium denim jeans by Seven 7. They have unique back pockets made specially to fit the latest trends. Dress her up in these designer jeans and you will have no problems keeping her legs covered all year long.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lil Jellybean Dresses on Sale at

As you all know I am always looking for great bargains and cheap baby clothes! I was thinking of my daughters summer wardrobe and thought of summer dresses for her. Not only are they made for easy dressing but are sooooo cute. I thought of putting her in one for any summer occasion, or throwing one over her bathing suit and using it as a cover up. So many ideas and most of all I will be adorning her in cheap childrens clothes that are practical and fun!

On sale now at are Lil Jellybean summer dresses. Full of gingham and pineapples they are simply a steal of a deal! Check them out today and get her a closet full of adorable sun dresses that will keep her summer cool and trendy.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wedding Flower Girl Dresses | Sashes Available in a Variety of Colors


A complete must have! Our new elegant wedding flower girl dresses are perfect for any special occasion. I love that these dresses are practical; choose a white or cream dress, and add nearly any color sash for a punch of color. Simply exquisite. The flowing sashes are long enough to tie into a gorgeous bow in back. I only wish that I could have purchased my flower girl's dress online when I got married (9 years ago!).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flamingo Dress By Sophias

My love for fun old fashion clothing can sometimes throw me overboard when I am shopping. I have fallen many a time into a shopping frenzy and before you know it I am up to my ears in frills and lace. makes my episodes less and less and I still get to shower the little ones in girls clothing.

By now you must know that Sophias Style makes their own brand of clothing. Very recently the pink halter flamingo dress was introduced. I think it is perfect for all of my granddaughters.( You will need one for yours too!) This dress is a classic style that will help all your sweetie pies look lovely and is also very age appropriate. Buy one today and you will the apple of her eye!

Organic Clothes by Duck Duck Goose


When it comes to Josie I am a little neurotic. Actually I can be more than a little neurotic with most things. Living in the city for almost 4 years I have developed a habitual need to be up to date with all the latest styles, trends, and unfortunately gossip too!
Anyway back to my daughter... I have found that as a new mommy I only want the best for her. I want her clothes to be comfortable, soft, beautiful, ect ... you get the point. Since we are on the kick of going green I thought why not? I'm talking about organic clothing. now offers organic clothes by Duck Duck Goose. They are super cute and very trendy. Made of only the finest material organic clothing is perfect for Josie and is the new big thing in girls clothing.

Flapdoodles/Cheap Baby Clothing


Our new Flapdoodles spring collection has made me so happy! I almost could not contain myself when they arrived at Sophia's Style. The girls and I spent the afternoon oohing and aahing over these adorable outfits.

Flapdoodles concentrates on high quality material and the colors really pop! My little girl will be dressed in these clothes for spring and summer and I cant believe how affordable they are. If you are a bargain shopper may I suggest you visit and check out the new Flapdoodles girls clothing where cheap baby clothing is only one of our specialities. She is sure to be the best dressed for less!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Give A Big Welcome to Patricia/ Mother and Grandmother

Patricia or (Nana if you are one of her 4 granddaughters ) is your typical grandmother who loves to spoil her girls. She constantly showers her granddaughters with all that she comes across. From tiaras, and hair accessories to high end boutique items and lets not all forget the adorable first birthday dress! Patricia will buy and buy as long as she is insured that the styles are hip and will keep her looking cool in the eyes of her darling princesses.

Say Hello to Jen/ Working Mother of a 3 Year Old Girl

Jen is a full time working mother of a three year old little girl. Her focus is on keeping her daughters wardrobe practical while still keeping up with the latest styles. She believes in discounted prices because she knows that not all mothers can afford to keep their little angels looking fashion forward without breaking the bank. Her willingness to find affordable clothing is what sets her apart from others, but has been proven to put smiles on the faces of mothers and daughters across the country.

Now Introducing Mandy/ Fashion Expert and Mother of One

Mandy is a 26 year old fashion and trend setter. She has a passion and a degree for high fashion,fabrics and designs. Her unique style includes fun patterns and materials. She has become a mother in the last year of a fabulous daughter named Josie. Her fashion sense has since changed and is now excited about little girls clothing as Josie is and has to be dressed to the nines at all times!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flower Girl Dresses at Sophias

Spring is in the air and wedding season is among us! Sophias has new arrivals of flower girl dresses in every style.

Beautiful designer flower girl dresses are currently available with prices that are affordable. We specialize in little girls clothing and our styles are among the top in girls fashion.

Choose a color that fits best with your needs. We offer a wide array of colors including orange, sage, and yellow! Buy your flower girl dress from Sophias

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Baptism Gowns

If you are looking for a baptism dress shop at Sophias We have a variety of dresses that would be perfect for your little girls baptism.

Unique one of a kind baptism gowns and christening dresses are what make the day extra special. Choose from beautiful flower embroidery or hand sewn beads and sequins!

Enjoy the dress for years to come by using our keepsake garment bag. Whatever you choose Sophias is the perfect place for all your needs.

Baby Legs/Latest Trend in Girls Fashion welcomes the latest trend in girls fashion! Baby Legs are now available for purchase at SophiasStyle. com

Baby Legs are leg warmers that provide your little one with a fun and comfortable way of dressing. They can be used to protect soft knees from harsh surfaces, provide light weight sun protection, and also keep not only legs but arms warm all year long.

Baby legs come in one size fits most from newborn to 10 years! They are available in a variety of different patterns and colors. Dress up any dance outfit or pair them with any shoe and you are set to go. They are a perfect addition to your girls clothing.