Thursday, April 22, 2010 | A Backpack For Every Type of Kid!

Kids today have so many interests, hobbies and activities that it can be very hard to keep up with it all! As a busy mother of two, I can totally relate. Dance lessons twice a week before school, choir lessons on Saturday mornings, and now T-ball practice on Thursday nights. Yikes! Keeping a large family calendar posted on the refrigerator is what helps us stay on track for the week. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be organized – it will really help things go smoothly.

As the kids go to and from all of these various activities, there is always stuff that goes along with it. Song books, tap shoes, baseball gloves, homework – you name it! Luckily Sophias Style kids clothing store has tons of discount kids backpacks that allow my kids to uniquely express their interests and carry all their things. I just bought this dance tote bag for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! There are plenty more girls backpacks, toddler backpacks and also great back to school clothing to go with them - all at Sophias Style.

Find wheeled bookbags that are great for a weekend trip to Grandma's house, snazzy purses for a fun day of shopping or shoulder bags and beach mats for a trip to the seashore! Great savings and hot looks are in the bag at Sophias Style!

How do you stay organized in your busy life? Share with us!

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