Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Boutique Girls Clothes
I love the Bonnie Jean dress pictured above;  it's girlish and ladylike at the same time, your little girl can wear it to a tea party with her favorite stuffed animals! 

Perhaps it seems crazy, but shopping for designer baby girl clothes is worthwhile!  Yes, she'll outgrow them in a matter of months.  However, if you haven't noticed, society is growing more and more fond of secondhand and vintage styles.  You know why?  Because quality clothing lasts.  For example, I own a hand-me-down dress that my mother wore to her high school homecoming, and it's actually in better quality than some of the brand new clothes I've bought in cheap mall stores and hardly worn.  Don't believe me?  Then keep reading:  Because that dress is so gorgeous, it's been featured in two editorials.  Both of which were shot outdoors, and involved running through the woods and swimming in a pond (while wearing the dress).  The shoots were always at least six hours long, and shot over a course of two weeks during the hottest days this summer.  The dress still looks great!  The label was cut out before I ever got ahold of it, so I don't know the designer, but that thing is seriously indestructable. 

Clothes used to be made to last, then they were made cheap, because it was easier.  Nowadays, quality has come back in style.  Between the environmental crisis and the economical crisis, everyone is finally making serious efforts to spend money on things that will last, and create as little waste as possible.  So naturally, we're seeing it in the fashion world. 

Is it frivolous to spend money on boutique girls clothes and designer baby girl clothes?  Not at all.  When you buy quality clothing, even if it's just little girls clothing, you can rest assured it will last.  So maybe it will only fit her for three months, but it will fit her baby sister, cousins, and future neices and daughters in years to come.  Trust me, secondhand and vintage is in style for good.  The quality pieces you buy today are going to look good and last (which is more than we can say for the ozone).  So do yourself and your kids a favor and shop for boutique girls clothing at Sophia's Style, where you can find quality at affordable prices. 

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