Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exquisite Easter Dresses

Now that we're almost through January, the countdown to Easter has begun!  With most holidays I get a little annoyed at how early everyone starts to plan (ahem, Christmas).  Easter however, is a whole different story.  I can't wait to start looking at spring clothes and counting down the days until the sun starts shining and the weather warms up.  Easter, aside from being an important religious holiday, is also the beginning of spring- my second favorite season!  

Girls Easter Dress

Sophias Style has been preparing for Easter for weeks already, and we've got tons of gorgeous new Easter dresses.  My personal favorite is this cute little understated pink and green girls Easter dress by Bonnie Jean.  It's so quintessentially spring, and just classic enough that everyone will feel a little nostalgic when they see it.  Can't you just picture a little girl wearing this, maybe with a little girls white bolero, hunting for Easter eggs?  

Easter Dresses for Girls

My second favorite style from our girls Easter dresses is this pretty pink watercolor print style, also from Bonnie Jean.  These fluid prints are going to be huge in 2013, so if you've got a fashion forward little girl, this one's a must-have.  I love the lime green details, that trend started last spring and all shades of green are still going strong.

Remember, don't let the winter blues get you down, spring and Easter are just around the corner!  Start shopping today, I promise it will cheer you up :)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Her 1st Birthday Dress

Birthday Dresses

Is your baby girls very first birthday coming up?  An extra special day like this deserves a special new dress- after all, she only turns 1 once!  Let her celebrate in an adorable 1st Birthday dress from Sophias Style.  

Your family and friends won't be able to get over how cute she looks in one of our charming polka dot birthday dresses.  At Sophias Style, you can find boutique birthday dresses by Rare Editions, Bonnie Jean, 3Pearls Kids and more!  

The day she turns one year old is one you're going to want to document well and include in the family photo album, so make sure you get lots of great pictures of her birthday dress and cake!  You could even add an extra touch of cute with a pretty hair bow to match.

Don't let this special day go by without a stylish celebration, check out birthday dresses 1st and first birthday outfits from Sophias Style.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Going to the Chapel

Cheap Flower Girl Dresses
Aqua and White Flower Girl Dress by Chic Baby
As someone who has just started planning a wedding, I can attest to the fact that it's overwhelming.  On top of working out a budget, hunting down a location, a caterer, flowers, etc., you are also faced with what is more likely than not the biggest sartorial challenge of your life.  You have to find a dress that is perfect, because it's your wedding dress and it's the only one you'll ever wear.  Then you have to come up with bridesmaids dresses that all five of your closest friends will want to wear- and that also match the theme of your wedding.  I don't know about everyone else, but my five closest friends look nothing alike, and they all have distinctly different tastes.  So, the whole matching dresses thing is not going to be easy.

Thankfully, I know exactly where to look for a gorgeous flower girl dress!  And since it's looking like we'll be having two flower girls, it's very lucky that Sophias Style carries beautiful, high quality, cheap flower girl dresses.  I'll be able to find the perfect toddler flower girl dress, and pick up two of them for less than what most boutiques charge for one.
Lilac Flower Girl Dress by Sweet Kids

Besides carrying a beautiful selection of flower girl dresses in every color you could hope for, Sophias Style also has adorable ring bearer suits and tuxedos!  It's the perfect one-stop shop for the littlest (and cutest) members of your wedding party.  

Ring Bearer Suit by La Petite Couture

If you're planning a wedding right now, make sure you check out Sophias Style for everything you need for your flower girl and ring bearer.  You'll get the best deals on the same designer dresses carried at department stores and bridal shops.  Don't miss out!