Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Designer Christmas Dresses for Girls | Sophias Style

Designer Christmas Dresses for Girls
Designer Christmas Dresses for Girls
Early though it may be, I've already started shopping for fall and winter.  For me, fall is the season for fashion, and the holidays are like the grand finale.  After that the fashion world obsesses over spring for about ten minutes and then skips right ahead to the next fall. 

So yes, shopping now, because this is when you snag the best deals.  I just bought a gorgeous black silk dropwaist tunic by Society for Rational Dress and a green sequin dress by Alice and Olivia, both for less than a fifth of their original prices and I'm feeling very smug about it.  The tunic was positively made to be worn to an art gallery opening on a blustery Saturday afternoon in the fall.  And as for the green sequin number - you guessed it, my Christmas dress. 

This fall and winter, my favorite trends from 2010 are definitely sticking around.  It's all about looking classy, classy, classy.  All the most traditional elements of glamour are being combined with ultra preppy details to create some of the best fashion yet.  Girls Christmas dresses will be coming in positively adorable styles.  Everything from chic, clean lines done in beautiful plaid prints (like the image above) to elaborate little girl Christmas dresses in ruffles, tulle and sequins. 

Take my advice, find your toddler Christmas dress or baby girl Christmas dresses now.  Tiz the season to be shopping, so check out all the gorgeous designer Christmas dresses for girls at Sophias Style, and snag those awesome deals before someone else does! 

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fabulous Girl's Outerwear | Sophias Style

Girl's Outerwear
Girl's Outerwear
When I say fabulous in that title, I mean it!  Look at this awesome girls coat by Spoiled Little Mama!  Some may think it's too much, but I personally like that this designer managed to put three of this season's biggest trends all into one piece; metallics, ruffles and moto details.  Little girls outerwear can be unapologetically trendy and look adorable. 

Summer may have only just begun, but Fall 2011 fashion shows are well under way, and you're going to love some of the girls dress coats we've already got in at Sophias.  They come in all different sizes and styles, so you can find baby girl dress coats to go with your little girls outerwear, or find separate styles for everyone!  My mom and aunt used to try to get matching clothing for me and my cousins all the time.   

Get to shopping early for your baby girls outerwear, now's the time to grab all the best styles at discount prices!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bonnie Jean Clothing | Sophias Style

Bonnie Jean Dresses
Bonnie Jean Dresses
The temperatures in Omaha, Nebraska have shot up to 96 degrees over the last couple of days.  It is hot and humid and should be awful but I love it.  Spring is seriously here and summer is right on it's heels.  Yesterday when I got home, I opened all the windows in my apartment, turned on the ceiling fans and took a nap.  When I woke up, it was still light outside so I went to a cafe and had coffee with a friend on the patio and discussed the merits of writing form poetry in a society that is growing more fond of free verse everyday.  That is the perfect[ly nerdy] way to spend an evening. 

If I had to choose one perfect brand of clothing for this season, it would be Bonnie Jean clothing.  Their styles always feel so in tune with the season and the current trends, but still manage to appeal to more traditional tastes as well.  Every little girl should be wearing boutiquey Bonnie Jean dresses and sparkly shoes right now.  I especially love the set in the image because the dress comes with the jean jacket- perfect for the indecisive weather that spring brings. 
Shop Bonnie Jean clothes for your little girl or Bonnie baby clothes for your infant girl today at Sophias Style! 

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Le Mistral

A Proven├žal santon, or Christmas figure, facing the Mistral
 It's very windy outside today in Omaha, and it's making me nostalgic.  Before moving to Omaha, I was living in Southern France, near Marseilles.  In the winter, they have what's called the Mistral, which is an incredibly strong wind that comes from the North and blows for days, sometimes weeks, at a time.  It's dreadful, but also kind of charming.  Everywhere you go, you have to bundle up and walk with your head down.  Lost hats and newspapers are constantly flying around the streets in towns.  You pass by shopkeepers fighting to secure their awnings and dragging any outdoor displays indoors before the Mistral takes them away.  Every time you turn a corner you have to brace yourself for new currents of wind that hit hard enough to knock children and petite adults to the ground.  "Sacre Mistral" becomes the muttered mantra throughout all of Provence. 
Supposedly, if you can survive the fury of the Mistral, it will eventually bring good health.  It dries stagnant water and clears the skies.  It's the secret ingredient behind Provence's otherwise perpetually sunny days. 

At Christmas time, Proven├žal churches and town squares are decorated with displays of santons like the one in the image.  Even the figures are oftentimes depicted as bracing themselves against the Mistral!  Christmas is very beautiful in Europe, and it's so cute to see little French girls in baby girl Christmas dresses!  Speaking of, nows a good time to find a great bargain on Christmas dresses, so if you need a girls Christmas dress or a toddlers Christmas dress, stop by Sophias Style today!

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Roper Cowgirl Boots | Sophias Style

Roper Cowgirl Boots
Roper Cowgirl Boots
Now, I know I just lectured you a few blogs ago about the importance of having a pair of cowboy boots in your closet, but the weather outside in Omaha today is perfect for boots and I feel like talking about it again.  Just look at how cute Kate Bosworth and that other girl (whoever she is) are in their boots in the images below! 

The most important thing to remember when shopping for cowboy boots is that quality matters.  You want a well known brand for these, trust me.  There's nothing worse than a pair of rock-bottom plastic boots pinching your toes all day.  For kids boots, the quality is equally important if not more.  Kids care more about comfort, style is secondary (kids are smarter than us) so don't just hit up Wal Mart for the cheapest possible pair of boots.  Instead, come to Sophias Style and get an absurdly good deal on a pair of real, high quality Roper cowgirl boots

Cowgirl Boots
Kate Bosworth and Unidentified Texter Rocking Cowgirl Boots
Roper boots for girls are always in style, always well made, and always guaranted to look fabulous.  Her feet will be comfortable, and she'll look too darling for words. 

I  don't normally condone obsessing about labels, but Roper is one you should be proud to sport.  This company makes a quality, timeless product.  Their selection of Roper kids boots is full of fun colors and styles.  Your little girl is sure to love them, and she'll be able to wear them with almost anything in her closet.  My favorite way to style cowboy boots is with a sundress and a cardi, but they also never fail to look great with skinny jeans and a sweater or t-shirt, or shorts.  They work for any season- they're warm enough for winter and utilitarian enough to be justified in the summer.  On top of all of that, they're good for her feet and safe. 

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