Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Designer Christmas Dresses for Girls | Sophias Style

Designer Christmas Dresses for Girls
Designer Christmas Dresses for Girls
Early though it may be, I've already started shopping for fall and winter.  For me, fall is the season for fashion, and the holidays are like the grand finale.  After that the fashion world obsesses over spring for about ten minutes and then skips right ahead to the next fall. 

So yes, shopping now, because this is when you snag the best deals.  I just bought a gorgeous black silk dropwaist tunic by Society for Rational Dress and a green sequin dress by Alice and Olivia, both for less than a fifth of their original prices and I'm feeling very smug about it.  The tunic was positively made to be worn to an art gallery opening on a blustery Saturday afternoon in the fall.  And as for the green sequin number - you guessed it, my Christmas dress. 

This fall and winter, my favorite trends from 2010 are definitely sticking around.  It's all about looking classy, classy, classy.  All the most traditional elements of glamour are being combined with ultra preppy details to create some of the best fashion yet.  Girls Christmas dresses will be coming in positively adorable styles.  Everything from chic, clean lines done in beautiful plaid prints (like the image above) to elaborate little girl Christmas dresses in ruffles, tulle and sequins. 

Take my advice, find your toddler Christmas dress or baby girl Christmas dresses now.  Tiz the season to be shopping, so check out all the gorgeous designer Christmas dresses for girls at Sophias Style, and snag those awesome deals before someone else does! 

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