Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Arrival | Trumpette

There are so many brands for girls clothing these days. I find myself looking everywhere and when it really comes down to it, all I really want is something unique for my little girls. This all came about when I discovered Trumpette. With great ideas in shoes, clothing and accessories they truly are one of a kind!
Trumpette has a cool and unique story behind it. Trumpette was started by Jon Stevenson after he adopted his son Nicky. Jon quickly discovered that there was not a lot out there for little boys. Having over 10 years in the fashion industry himself, Jon started Trumpette. From there, the company began making Trumpette socks and packaging them by the dozen, in Trumpette socks egg cartons. With the success of these girls Trumpette socks, Trumpettes new vision became making fun, out of the ordinary lines of Trumpette tights and Trumpette baby socks. Now you can find everything from cool Trumpette moccasins and mary jane boots, to tights, shoes, and socks for girls and boys. Find all these wonderful items and more at

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Arrival | OiOi

Carrying a diaper bag was never as trendy as it in now! Not only can we accessorize with our diaper bag but we see young girls carrying diaper bags now because they are fun and the styles are hot! SophiasStyle introduced OiOi diaper bags to our line a few months ago and they flew off the shelf!

Originating in Australia, OiOi diaper bags are stylish, innovative and practical diaper bags known for their superb quality and reliability. Each diaper bag is loved for its spectacular design, vibrant fabric, and functional style. Sprouting from a single messenger bag in 1997, the collection now resembles a lively, bustling family with over 40 styles available. Get your personalized diaper bags at Sophias Style today.

New Arrival | Wee Squeak Shoes


If you are looking for a cute affordable baby shoe, look at SophiasStyle! We have a variety of different colors and styles by a new brand! Wee squeak has just been invited to join SophiasStyle and all of its great brands at great prices!

Wee Squeak shoes share a very similar story to our own. Wee Squeak was started by parents that really enjoyed seeing their children in these shoes, and decided to start marketing and selling them here in the States. The folks at Wee Squeak shoes for kids first discovered the shoes when adopting their oldest child in China. It was not until they were adopting their second child however, that they decided to bring Wee Squeak baby shoes back to us here. Wee Squeak baby shoes promote healthy and proper growth by encouraging your little girl to walk the right way, heel to toe. Every time your little one walks the right way, they get a wee little squeak! Of course when it comes to quiet time, Mom and Dad can take the squeak right out of the heel. Perfect baby shower gift for any infant or toddler little girl!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Arrival | Flapdoodles


I was looking for something for my niece. I wanted something fun, fresh and colorful. I found Flapdoodles. Their new arrival of girls clothing is phenomenal. Many outfits have leggings, which my niece tells me is in fashion for girls clothes. I wanted to know more about this designer, so I did some investigating. Flapdoodles pride themselves on creating fun, colorful fashions. What I liked about them is how durable their clothes were. They were all pre-shrunk and easy to care for. They have items from two piece outfits to tops and dresses.

When shopping for the latest in new spring fashions, take a look at Sophia's Style and search for Flapdoodles. The selection and prices are great to keep my niece and any little girl fashionable this upcoming spring and summer.

New Arrival | Heelarious

I thought it was hilarious the first time that I saw Heelarious shoes for baby and infant girls! They were absolutely perfect for my niece who is a true girls girl! We welcomed Heelarious to SophiasStyle this week and we have had great success with them, as they are extremly popular!
Heelarious high heels for babies were dreamt up by two mothers, Britta and Hayden, as a fun, unique way to dress their baby girls. As they were walking along one day Britta commented on how neat and funny it would have been to dress her daughter in high heels for the parties she attended. It was at that moment that Heelarious crib shoes were born. Featuring awesome designs all intended for fun and not for functional wear (all infant crib shoes collapse under weight for safety), Heelarious infant crib shoes are sure to bring smiles to the face of any newborn baby girl. Find Heelarious shoes in varying sizes at today and bring some fun into your crib!

New Arrivals | Greggy Girl

SophiasStyle has great brands at affordable prices. We believe that she should feel as cute as she looks. By selling girls clothing for less we accomplish two of our main goals, happy little girls, and smiling parents that are saving!
A new addition to SophiasStyle is a brand called Greggy Girl. Greggy Girl clothes were chosen by as the number one line every cool mom should know and you can find them at Sophias Style! Started by Charlene May in 1999, Greggy Girl kids clothes was inspired by the idea that "life is fun" and children's clothing should reflect that. With cool styling, and "persnickety" details, Greggy Girl clothes add fun and flair to any occasion. From their girls Christmas line, all the way to Spring clothes, Greggy Girl overall is the fun way to fashion. Shop Greggy Girl clothing at Sophias Style today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Girls Pageant Dresses


Pageants are always a time to look your best. The prettiest dress, the perfect hair and of course the best smile. Sophia's Style has a large selection of pageant dresses that will make that little girl the belle of the ball. We have many different manufacturers such as Lito, Biscotti and others who all have designed beautiful dresses. We also have the petticoats and slips to help make those dresses take the judges breath away. To complete that outfit we have tiaras and other girls accessories.

Browse through the selection at Sophia's Style and find that perfect pageant dress. I am sure that you'll fall in love with our selection and affordability.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Plus Sized Easter Dresses

Mandy If you've had trouble with locating girls Easter dresses in hard to find sizes like plus size, visit Sophia's Style Boutique. We offer many styles of Easter dresses in plus sizes for girls by well known manufacturers like Rare Editions and Bonnie Jean. Spring colors, ribbons and detailing adorn our girls plus size Easter dresses.
Come visit us at Sophia's Style for those hard to find Easter dresses. I am sure you will fall in love with our selection and our low prices.

Plus Sized First Communion Dresses


My niece was going to be having her first communion and we were puzzled as to what to dress her in. She's a plus size girl and those beautiful, pristine first communion dresses usually stopped at size 14. I visited Sophia's Style Boutique and found that they had many plus sized first communion dresses and accessories like veils, gloves and even shoes. Their selection was great and the prices were very reasonable. We purchased the dress and cannot wait to see her stand before her family and congregation during this very momentous occasion.
I recommend visiting Sophia's Style Boutique to purchase those plus sized first communion dresses and accessories. This holy day will be highlighted by my niece's gorgeous dress.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

First Communion Dress | Sophias Style


I went with a girl friend to her little sisters first communion at their family church and was quite taken with the beauty and symbolism surrounding the occasion. She wore a beautiful first communion dress in white to represent purity. She also wore special jewelry, white gloves and a veil. I remember that family played a huge role in the celebration, choosing her first holy communion dress in the hopes that is would be passed down as an heirloom through the generations.
First communion is a special time in your little girls life. She has made vows and commitments and as she goes to participate with the rest of the church body in the Lord's Supper you want her to feel special. Sophias Style offers beautiful first communion dresses that she and your family will cherish and at prices you will love. These are the same quality name brand dresses found in department stores but at discount prices. Their selection includes plus size first communion dresses, designer first communion dresses by Lito brand, white gloves, veils and satin shoes.
While shopping for a first communion dress be sure to check out other girls clothing at Sophias Style.

Baby Clothes | Sophias Style

I know that all of you moms out there love to dress your baby girl in the cutest baby girl clothes. Pink and frilly, ruffles and bows we have it at SophiasStyle.
SophiasStyle was designed with the idea of fashion and fun in mind. The owner wanted a place to shop that had unique styles at affordable prices. She sought to adorn her little girl in the best in baby girl clothing. SophiasStyle offers great brands at great prices!

Sophias Style Girls Clothing Store

Dressing perfect can become expensive especially for kids. By the time you are done finding those fun, trendy styles, the bank is broken and you have found yourself once again wondering how to keep your child looking her best without spending a fortune.

We here at SophiasStyle believe in selling high quality girls clothing at affordable prices. We believe strongly in pricing our merchandise so that even those with a modest income can afford to purchase our girls clothes. With designer brands like Mis Tee V Us and Spoiled Little Mama or Rare Editions, and Bonnie Jean you will find what you are looking for at SophiasStyle.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Shop Online Save on Flower Girl Dresses | Sophias Style


It seems like all my girl friends are getting married these days! So naturally I have become the expert wedding assistant amongst my friends. One thing I know is that the flower girl dresses are so important! I know finding an adorable dress is often top of the to do list for Brides; right along with finding the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Every woman knows what it's like to be a little girl and want to feel like a princess and they want their flower girl dress to make them feel special. With that in mind however, they also worry about the expense they are imposing on the family or putting out themselves. I have found with each wedding that expense plays a huge role in decision making and adds a lot of stress to wedding planning. I suggest now that my friends find a flower girl dress online at a store like a great place for cute styles and affordable prices.

The dresses are the same trendy and current designer styles offered in retail stores but at an amazing discount. Adorable brands like Lito, Swea Pea and Lilli, Kids Dream and SophiasStyle can be found in all sizes, colors and the best prices available!
Take some stress out of your plans and save your dollars by checking out the flower girl dresses and other girls clothes at online stores.

Flower Girl Dresses | Sophias Style


They may feel as special as the actual bride that day. They may smile bigger, have more fun and most of all look stunning in her dress! You all know what I am talking about... the never forgotten Flower Girl. From the color you choose down to the tiara or accessory that she wears all is equally important to her.
Keep it simple and look at SophiasStyle to find all of your flower girls needs. We have a great selection of flower girl dresses. In a variety of colors and styles you wont need to go anywhere else for her flower girl dress.

Monday, December 01, 2008

New Spring Arrivals | Sophias Style

As the holiday season is in full swing and you are shopping for great gift items, Don't forget that SophiasStyle has new spring arrivals. We have affordable cute childrens spring clothing.
Styles by Flapdoodles that are hot for spring. Flapdoodles is a great brand that will keep your girl looking fashion forward. With patterns and matching accessories, Flapdoodles keeps spring clothes fresh, yet trendy. They have a great selection in girls clothing, and we have them in stock now for spring.

Peachy Kids Easter Dresses| Sophias Style


If you are looking for a unique style for girls Easter dresses, try shopping SophiasStyle and our Peachy Kids selection. Peachy kids is brand that offers a variety of dresses for every special occasion Christening, Flower Girl, Spring, Holiday,Pageant, and Easter. Peachy Kids Easter dresses come in all sizes including new born to 20.5 for Plus sizes.

So if you are looking for unique styles in girls Easter dresses, flower girl dresses, or just the perfect dress for any occasion, remember to keep Peachy Kids in mind. Find them today at SophiasStyle.

Easter Dresses


Spring is just around the corner! Now is the time to start picking out those special Easter dresses. SophiasStyle offers boutique styles at affordable prices. Pastel colors, ribbons and bows adorn our dresses in size ranging from 3 months and up.

We carry Bonnie Jean dresses in many colors to fit everyone's tastes. Bonnie Jean dresses are nationally known and can be found in boutiques throughout the country. Take a look at our selection in girls Easter dresses. I'm sure that you will see that we offer a wide selection to help make your little one look special on that day.