Friday, January 30, 2009

Girls Shoes | New Spring Arrivals | Sophia's Style Boutique


We've discussed girls spring fashion in length, but one thing that is very important in completing that outfit is girls shoes. We start our little girls out early, picking out the cutest shoes for them before they can even walk. Shoes sometimes can make or break an outfit. This adage is true for infant girls through adulthood. Finding girls shoes that are functional and adorable is very easy nowadays. Sophia's Style has well known boutique designers from Alberto Casti to Wee Squeak with sizes ranging from newborn to little girls. Many different styles can be found like sandals, slip-ons, mary janes and even boots. Whether you're picking out girls shoes to go with a fun capri outfit or to complete the flower girl's attire, you can find them at Sophia's Style. They have a great sizing chart that will assist you in making sure you have the perfect size to match up to those tootsies!

While you're shopping for your girls clothing, do not forget picking out the right footwear to finish off that outfit. Start them out young with the love of shoes!

Girls Easter Dresses | First Easter Dress | Sophia's Style Boutique


It's my niece's first Easter. What a special occasion to celebrate with your family. You know she won't be hunting for Easter eggs, but will be the object of many people's oohs and aahs. Finding that special girls Easter dress is not as difficult as it used to be. Infant girls dresses are now as fancy as the versions for older girls. You may not need to worry about the hemline on an infant, since they're just going to be passed around from one relative to another, but you do want the little one to be dressed in fancy lace, pretty colors and wonderful detailing. Sophia's Style has a great selection of girls Easter dresses ranging from newborn to plus sizes. Many of the infant and baby girl dresses come with matching bloomers which makes the outfit pull together. You can always find cute hair bows, headbands or socks to complete the outfit.
I found the perfect outfit for my new niece and now I'm anxiously waiting for Easter so I can see the little punkin in her fancy fare.Visit Sophia's Style Boutique and you'll find a large selection of infant girls Easter dresses and accessories to make that day memorable.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Girls Christening Gown | How to Properly Care For and Keep that Treasured Girls Outfit | Sophia's Style've made that huge investment in a once-in-a-lifetime girls Christening Gown. We all know that now, more than ever, you want to protect your investment. You have watched,with pride, as your daughter or granddaughter was christened in a beautiful beaded and sequined dress. You have pictures to remember that day, but you want more. There are some simple steps to follow that will help you care and preserve that dress to pass on to your grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on.

Step 1...Have the dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible to remove any food, drinks or body oils. The longer these things are left on the gown, the harder it is to remove them later. Be sure that any sequins or beads on the dress can survive the cleaning process.

Step2..Stuff bodices and curved areas of the dress with acid-free white tissue paper. This will prevent these areas from becoming creased over time.

Step3..Fold the dress carefully and wrap it entirely, using the same acid-free tissue paper that was used to stuff the curved areas.

Step4...Place the dress in an acid-free, archival safe cardboard box or bag. Sophia's Style offers a great preservation bag that will fit this purpose perfectly.

Step5..Keep the dress stored in a cool, dry location. Dampness and heat can ruin the dress over time.

Remember to pass on these instructions when you pass on the dress. These steps will need to be repeated at each wearing. This small investment of time will help preserve your girls Christening gown or special outfit for generations to come.

Sophias Style Steps Up the Savings a Notch| Sophias Style

Ok, so is already ahead of the game when it comes to offering high quality girls clothes at discount prices. Now we are going to step it up a notch and start offering “Sophias Style Steal of the Day". You must be a member of the “Wire” and also sign up for daily email notifications in order to receive the offer, but it’s all worth it. Not only will you be the first to know about huge savings on the hottest items of the day, but only those of you that sign up will even be able to purchase these select deals. Think of it like a clothing discount club for discount childrens clothes. The best part is that all the steals will be items you actually want to buy! Spring is coming? How about a “Steal of the Day” on girls swimwear? The prices are going to be so great you’ll feel like you are stealing these items! Don’t worry, we won’t prosecute!
Want quick and easy notifications of the “Steal of the Day?” Sign up for our Twitter!

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Girls Easter Dress | Easter is fast approaching | Sophia's Style Boutique

It's hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner. It's so hard to find that perfect little girls Easter dress. My daughter prefers the non-traditional Easter dress. Now, she'll wear ribbons, lace and bows..but would prefer something brighter and something a little different. Sophia's Style has a very large selection of girl's Easter dresses. Their dresses range from the traditional pastels and lace to the more modern bright colors and patterned dresses. She had a difficult time narrowing down her decision, but was excited when she found the dress in yellow and black. With her skin tone and hair, it was a perfect match. We paired it up with a girls petticoat and a baby hair bow. She'll be the bright flower at Easter brunch.

If you are having challenges while picking out that baby girls Easter dress, visit Their selection and accessories might make your choice making harder, because their selection is top notch and the prices are the best around!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trendy Girls Clothing Carnival: January 22, 2009

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Louis Robinson presents Weddings, Man it Costs Moola to be in Love! Sophias Style posted at Trendy Girls Fashion.

Jen from Windy Ridge presents January Giveaway! posted at The Chronicles Of Windy Ridge, saying, "eden's bouquet luxury giveaway drawing!"

Fashion Matchmaker presents Fashion Matches: Best Finds from This Week's Arrivals posted at Fashion Matchmaker, saying, "Fashion finds from this week's new arrivals from popular online stores"

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Dresses | Sophias Style | It's A Piece of Cake

Birthdays are so special to our little ones. It is the one day that she deserves to feel as cute as she looks. With all the planning and preparation it is easy to forget who the special day is really about! From cake,to decorations, and even the invite list.... things can get hectic and stressful. Why not make it easy for yourself?

Chop it up to being a piece of cake. You can find all your birthday apparel and accessories at Get the perfect girls birthday dress for an affordable price and pair it with the perfect birthday hat, or get one of our birthday shirts and pair it with one of our denim skirts for the perfect birthday outfit. Shop at where you can have your cake and eat it to.

Personalized Baby Gifts | Sophia's Style

Looking for a unique personalized baby gift or unique baby shower gifts? You can create a treasured keepsake such as a monogrammed blanket by having your Sophia's Style purchase personalized. Select a gift monogrammed with a child's 1st birthday or beautifully embroidered with her name. Truly a one of a kind personalized gift for your special princess. An embroidered baby gift such as personalized baby blankets or a personalized Easter basket can make a little girl feel even more special. Giving that personalized baby gift is as easy as 1-2-3. Visit and select an item to be personalized. Next you simply add the personalized embroidery service to your order. Fill out the embroidery information in the checkout. Fill out the item and name to be embroidered in the checkout. We will select the thread color and style that best compliments the item. Please note that this service does add an additional 7 days delivery time to your order.

Whether you are searching for a unique baby shower gift idea or the perfect personalized baby gift, Sophia's Style can offer beautiful embroidery on any clothing purchase including: an embroidered baby blanket, embroidered hat, embroidered shirt, dress or top.

Boys Swimwear | Sophia's Style


Did you know that you can find boys swimwear on Sophia's Style? I know..boys do not care about boutique or fashion when it comes to swimwear. They just want something cool and that is able to get wet. Sophia's Style has the latest in boys swimwear by Plaid Fish. Whether it's frogs, lizards,trucks or sharks you can find the hippest designs for your little boy to splash around the pool or run through that sprinkler in the yard. It's hard at this time of year to think about buying swimwear, but now is the best time. The selection is great and you cannot beat the prices.

So if you have a little boy that needs swimwear, visit Sophia's Style. They have a great selection and you'll love their discount prices.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Feature Formally Known as Photo Club | Sophias Style

For those of you that have been following Sophias Style recently, you have probably noticed our references to the photo club. Firstly, thank you again for those of you that have submitted. Well as part of our 2009 redesign plan, we are updating the name and look of the photo club. From here on out it will be known as “Sophias Style Little Stars!”
Our “Little Stars” will be featured on our site and, in the future, become eligible for contests, drawings, and exclusive promotions. Submit a picture of your little one in clothes from Sophias Style and show them off for the world to see! 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weddings, Man it Costs Moola to be in Love! | Sophias Style

I hate to beat a dead horse, but by now everyone is pretty aware of the world economy. With the popular wedding season upon us, the ever rising cost of this momentous occasion has got to be on the minds of the families of both the bride and groom. Being in the market for an eligible bachelor myself (hint, hint Justin Timberlake!), I’ve searched the web for a few tips on lower budget weddings. Credit goes out there to the bloggers who really hooked me up with some great tips.
Firstly, with the popularity of email these days, why not cut down on cost and go green with e-vites. There are many online invitation sources you can use and they don’t cost a thing, and your guest really won’t mind an email invite they can RSVP to right online. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of various friends and relatives when it comes to some of the easier details. Baking doesn’t come easy to all, but there has to be one friend or family member in your circle that would at least give it a try!
A great way to cut down costs is to find reasonably priced flower girl dresses. Of course we at pride ourselves in affordability, and our selection of high-quality flowergirl dresses is next to none. There are no bridal shop premiums paid here just because you are getting married!I’ve been to some extravagant weddings in my day, but the most fun I’ve ever had was at my sister’s wedding in our parent’s back yard! The idea of holding a reception or even the ceremony at someone’s house is becoming increasingly more popular and acceptable. You can save money by not having to rent a venue, and with a little elbow grease, a rental company, and a good DJ, I doubt you will hear any complaints. I also recently went to an impromptu wedding at a friend’s house on New Year’s Eve. The pastor was more than happy to marry the beautiful couple at the home, and we had a wonderful yet simple dinner. Not everyone is a chef however, so maybe you could even hold a pot luck dinner.

Free Shipping Promotion | Sophias Style

Sophias Style knows our customers love saving money, so here is a little nugget of savings for you. All orders over $50 placed between Jan 11th-29th will ship for free. What a great reason to prepare for spring! Check out our newest swimwear additions. We’ve also started stocking up on girls spring outfits and sets, and our prices won’t be beat.
Just a little side note: how many of you out there have seen our photo club? We’ve received some great pictures of your little ones dressed to impress in clothes from Sophias Style. Big thank you’s go out to all those that have submitted so far. Keep and eye out for a little competition based on your pictures. We haven’t quite decided when we are going to run it yet, but its coming! Oh, and for those of you who haven’t yet signed up for Sophias Style Wire, remember you get FREE SHIPPING just for signing up. You’ll also be the first to know about all of our special offers and receive exclusive savings only available to members of the Wire.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Pajamas for her first Sleepover

When I found out my little one is going for her first overnight sleepover, I wanted her to be in the cutest pajamas for this special occasion. I was searching high and low to find cute, stylish pj's but at an affordable price. Sophia's Style has a large selection of sleepwear for her and other little girls. They are from manufacturers like Laura Dare, and Kamara. These pajamas were of high quality and wear very well. By saving money visiting Sophia's Style. I was able to purchase some fun socks and even a matching hair bow. With her sleeping bag in hand, she was off to her party. The next morning (after only 1 phone call the night before), she was so excited to come home. Her friends all thought she looked cute in her PJ's and a few of the moms were asking where I found them at.

Whether it's pajamas, dresses or accessories Sophia's Style has the best boutique fashions for little girls. If only I could be that young again!

Finding that Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Alot of our friends are having babies right now. I must have 4 baby shower invitations sitting on my desk. Since we have alot of mutual friends, I struggle with picking out the right gift without duplicating it to everyone. I found the gift selection at Sophia's Style to be excellent. It's so much easier to pick out a gift basket rather than put one together myself (I am a busy Mom, remember!). Sophia's Style has gift baskets, blanket sets and even baby jewelry. I was able to pick out the perfect gifts that suited each of the families. They even gift wrap and ship to the recipient which was a huge time saver to me.

I will make sure to let the recipients know that I got these great gifts from Sophia's Style. They have everything for kids from babies to plus size.

Affordable Little Girls Dancewear | Sophia's Style

I have a granddaughter that is involved in dance. My daughter is always trying to find the cutest dance clothes for her to wear to her classes. I visited Sophia's Style and found a wide selection of little girls dancewear. The mom's in her dance class were in awe when they saw the new outfits that I had found for her on Sophia's Style. I was able to find some very stylish leotards, tutus, jackets and even dance bags. I was so impressed with their selection and very happy with their prices that I could not stop buying. I saw some of these same items in local dance shops and boutiques for almost double the price.

My granddaughter looks so stylish in her new dance outfits, that I can't wait to go to class with her to watch her tip, tap, toe! I will keep checking Sophia's Style for their new selection of little girl dancewear and accessories.

Finding the Perfect Baptism Gown


A baby's baptism is such a momentous occasion for a family. The tradition, symbolism and meaning behind the ceremony is one that parents, grandparents and godparents treasure. Finding the special baptism gown is a very important part of this tradition. Silk, satin, ribbons and lace help in surrounding your precious baby girl in the magic and honor of this special day. How precious do they look with the crisp white around them and the precious bonnet around their angelic face. Finding the perfect dress that can be passed down from generation to generation is a hard decision. Sophia's Style makes it easy. They have the perfect gown that will make the ceremony memorable and the pictures priceless.

I was also able to find accessories to complete the outfit. They have shoes, jewelry and most importantly gown storage bags to make sure that this outfit is preserved and available for the next generation. Visit Sophia's Style for all of your baby girls baptism needs.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Junior Bridesmaid Dresses | Sophias Style

What a challenge it is to pick out the attire for a wedding party! Trying to match up the bridesmaids, groomsmen and then the junior bridesmaid is quite the undertaking. Sophia's Style has the best selection in a wide array of colors. I am assisting a friend of mine plan her wedding and I mentioned we should search online retailers to see what their selections look like. We found Sophia's Style and found the perfect junior bridesmaid dress as well as a matching flower girl dress. It's hard to find dresses for younger girls that match the theme of your wedding. We were lucky in finding these dresses and we look forward to the wedding day when we can see the whole wedding party put together.When you're trying to find high quality junior bridesmaid dresses at a discount price, please visit Sophia's They were so helpful and very reasonable.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Buy More Save More Sale | Sophias Style is at it again with our “Buy More Save More” sale. Spend $30 or more save 10%, spend $50 or more and save 15%, or spend $100 or more and save 20%. See here for full details. Now is a nice chance to capitalize on great deals for spring, and pick up some of those items that never go out of style for next fall. We’ve also added tons of new swimsuits for that upcoming family vacation or just lounging around at the pool this summer. With our low prices you can relax knowing that even in January you are still getting the best deal out there!
The Semi-Annual Sale is coming to a close for now, so take advantage of two great deals and stock up today! All sale items are eligible for our “Buy More Save More” sale, so do a little hunting through the sale pages and find bargains that will fill your little girls wardrobe and not empty your wallet!

First Birthday Dresses | Sophias Style


It's hard to believe how fast a year can go by. My niece is going to be turning one in a few months. Being the fantastic aunt that I am, I wanted to get her the perfect first birthday dress. My niece is such a girly girl and she deserves a dress fit for the princess she truly is. I found the perfect first birthday dress at Sophia's Style. Their selection of dresses made my decision a tough one. Do I go with eyelets and lace? Do I go long sleeved? I wanted to make this a memorable occasion for my niece, myself and my sister.

I was also looking for accessories to complete the little one's outfit. Sophia's Style had the perfect petticoat to go under this dress, to make her truly look like she was the birthday cake! In looking for this petticoat I found the most adorable birthday tiara. It said "Birthday Princess"...I was sold! Sophia's Style's prices were unbelievable. I was able to get my niece the whole outfit AND a couple of outfits for the spring. I'll be sure to post pictures once we get them done on their photo club.

First Communion Dresses | Sophias Style

What a special time in a child's life as to go through their first communion. Part of planning this special holy celebration, is picking out the perfect first communion dress. The crisp white of the dress, the smell of flowers and candles in the air add to the symbolism in taking this first step in their future with their church. These beautiful first communion dresses can be passed down from generation to generation the same as passing on this holy tradition. Families always get excited when planning for this special day. Adding special accessories like veils, gloves and satin shoes can make your little girl feel like she is truly blessed when surrounded by family and congregation.
Sophias Style has an extensive selection of beautiful first communion gowns and accessories. Top boutique designers such as Lito, US Angels and Rare Editions create magical dresses to highlight this special event.
Remember Sophias Style for your first communion needs and have your blessed one in the most glamorous of attire for her big step.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Easter Dresses | Easter Egg Hunt

We know you’ve already picked up your girls Easter dress from and are planning a fun Easter day for your family and friends. How about having an Easter egg hunt for all the children at the gathering? Here are a few tips to making it fun, and organized! First, make your own invitations out of colorful pastel construction paper in the shape of Easter animals. Then, fill plastic eggs with small toys or candy the little ones will love. Estimate about a dozen eggs per guest. To make things fairer, separate kids by age group, and you can color code the Easter eggs by those groups. Set boundaries for the hunt so no one gets lost, and station supervising parents around those borders. Make sure and set up tables for spectators and tired participants, and include fun, healthy snacks to balance the candy! Now, start the hunt and watch the fun ensue. Snap some pictures and send them in to to be included in our photo club!

Easter Dresses and Accessories | Shrugs... "What Are They Again?"

Mandy I recently had a customer ask me what a "shrug" was" and how her daughter can wear it. After this conversation I began to think that maybe not everyone is on board with the world of accessorizing. So here goes..... A shrug is a cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves, typically knitted. Generally, a shrug covers less of the body than a vest would, but it is more tailored than a shawl. Shrugs are typically worn as the outermost layer of an outfit, or beautiful Easter Dress. A shrug covers a small portion of the upper body. At we recommend that you pick one of our girls Easter dresses and match it to one of our shrugs. This is the best way to accessorize without going overboard. You can also pair one of our shrugs with jeans, or denim skirt.
Mix and match and see what you can come up with... After all there are not just outfits to pair a shrug with, the possibilities are endless. So hop on line and order your Easter dress and shrug today.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Arrival | Girls Swimwear

I believe in remembering good "motto's" while shopping. One good motto that I hear all the time is "Don't wait!" If you have ever been a victim of waiting then you know what it feels like when you realize that the item is sold out, never to be found again! Don't wait for the whole world to start shopping for girls swimwear, shop now and have a better selection.
Sophias Style has a great selection of girls swimwear in stock and available for purchase now! We have all sizes including some plus size swimsuits. Whether you are looking for a one piece swimsuit, a bikini, a tankini or swimwear accessories such as sunglasses, beach towels or sandals, you are at the right girls clothing store! Shop today

Girls Spring Clothes | Sophias Style


Okay, Okay the holidays are finally over. You have plenty of winter clothes and accessories for her, and now it is time to spring forward and start thinking about girls spring clothes. You know the days ahead that are filled with the sweet aromas of flowers budding, the birds singing, and dressing her in the perfect spring outfit!
SophiasStyle has all that you are looking for. Our newest and fav pick for girls spring clothes is this one of a kind top and pant set made exclusively by This one features a halter top with adorable " fashion mod " print. The matching pants are suitable for any warm spring afternoon. Check it out today and be the first to start spreading the fever... Spring fever that is.

Easter Dresses | Sophias Style


I like to give advice when looking for the perfect Easter dress. Be very attentive to color and size. Easter dresses come in a variety of colors, (usually pastel of some sort) and can tend to go over board with this color scheme if you are not careful. Pick a dress with a single base color and maybe has a few rosettes that can act as an accent color.
Easter dresses have always been an occasion for your little one to dress up and feel like a princess for a day. Aside from the religious reason you will want her dress to be tasteful and appropriate. Make sure her dress fits properly, meaning not too short or long, and that the dress is perfect for her age.
My last piece of advice when shopping for an Easter dress is to pick something that she may be able to wear to another special occasion, such as a wedding or maybe a flower girl dress. This will help the expense and probably take some stress off you. So go to today and order your Easter dress.

Flower Girl Dresses | Us Angels

It is that special time of year for weddings and looking for the perfect flower girl dress. Sophias Style has a great selection of flower girl dresses at affordable prices. Us Angels is the newest line that we have added to our girls flower dress collection.
Us Angels was brought about by two fashion forward friends, Miriam Jacob and Norma Sawdy, when they decided to use their combined experience to design special occasion wear. Originally Little Angels Born in The USA, Us Angels flower girl dresses are made from the highest quality materials with focus on being elegant yet affordable. Not only are there Us Angel flower girl dresses, but they offer dresses for Communion, Holiday, Christening, parties and other special occasions. Most famous for their Us Angels flower girl petal dress, they have been featured in publications like Martha Stewart, Bride, and Modern Bride to name a few. is proud to carry Us Angels line of affordable, elegant flower girl dresses and special occasion wear.