Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Children’s School Uniforms: Pride of Smart Kids

Uniforms are an inseparable part of a student’s life. Pretty girls and fine-looking boys all like to dress up in their best when going to school.
As a parent, it becomes really difficult to ensure that your little champ looks great every season and still be in your budget. A cost conscious parent will ensure to purchase the uniforms from a reputable boutique to avoid recurring expenses during the school year.   
Kids’ school uniforms at Sophias Style for both boys and girls helps you to choose from a wide range of premium quality tops, bottoms and plus sizes. Our great offers and discounts are sure to help every parent smile to see their child in the best.

Smart. Stylish. Super

From crisp, white short sleeved polos for boys to stylish scooter skirts for girls, we have the most amazing range of kids’ school uniforms this has made us the first choice for parents.
We have an endless range of wrinkle-free long trousers for winter and pleated cotton shorts for spring and summer for boys. Our wonderful collection of coats and jackets, winter skirts and pinafores from our school knitwear category is sure to keep your children warm and cozy during the freezing winters.

Your kids will love to attend school sports days with our sportswear options. Watch your little girls score over others with our range of girl’s flat front pants, Bermudas, skimmers, cable tights and long sleeved cardigans. In addition to kid’s school uniforms, your kids will breeze through their classes with our selection of school bags, shoes, boots and other accessories. After all, perfect grades begin with perfect children’s school uniforms from Sophias Style.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make A Brand New Beginning With First Communion Dresses And Gowns From Sophias Style

How would we describe a First Communion? For some it is a beautiful rite of passage. Many others believe that it is an event that is most likely to have a transformative impact on your child. The attire for an occasion that is so pure and divine cannot be anything but absolutely special and completely unique. That’s exactly what First Communion gowns and dresses from Sophias Style are all about – a pure, unadulterated celebration of the most remarkable event of your daughter’s life. 

Because it is her day

First Communion gowns and dresses from Sophias Style will not only dress your girl in a wonderful combination of tradition and modern styles, they will also define this sacred day and make it an inalienable part of her memories forever. Our first communion dress will ensure that she will be the cynosure of all eyes on a day that is well and truly hers.
These simple yet elegant classic styles have very delicate touches of detail.   The fabrics are satin and organza. These traditional full length gowns are lavishly detailed with beading, pearls, and sequins.    Trendy and modern dresses are ideal for those that appreciate the value of combining style with classic good taste. Sophias Style brings you the most comprehensive selection of First Communion dresses for girls of all ages.
Every First Communion dress is created with care from the best fabrics using nothing but the best traditions of hand-sewing, hand-embroidering, hand-knitting and hand-finishing. After all, the occasion demands nothing but the best, right? 

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Let The Festivities Begin With Girls Christmas Dresses

This season, Sophias Style, the ultimate in girl’s clothing, is offering an exclusive collection of girl’s Christmas dresses and baby Christmas dresses. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up your little girl in traditional Christmas finery that comes without the traditional astronomical price tag.

Whether a photo on Santa’s lap, the making of a family portrait, or a family dinner on Christmas day, Christmas dresses from Sophias Style are sure to add a great deal of sizzle to the celebration. Since red is the color of the season, feast your eyes on the smoldering range of girl’s Christmas dresses in all different shades.  An absolutely stunning Christmas dress in red, wine and burgundy in satin or silk is a must-have this season. Gold embroidered Christmas dresses, or flowing creations in white, plum, silver, ivory, brown and green add delicate touches of shimmer to any gathering. It’s hard to beat the refined elegance that a gold ivory tulle Christmas dress or even a Victorian beaded Christmas dress exude.
 You can try other options too,  a tulle polka dot dress, a classic plaid dress with a Peter Pan collar and puffed sleeves, or even a baby Christmas dress and legging set. After all, at Sophias Style you are spoiled with choices.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome The Holiday Season with Boys Halloween Costumes

‘Tony Montana’, ‘A Boy’ or ‘Headless Horseman’ or ‘Caveman’, which are the boys Halloween, costumes making waves this season? Does your little toddler like any particular baby boy Halloween costume? Sophias Style is here to help you choose from an amazing collection of boys Halloween costumes or baby boy Halloween costumes that are cute and unique.
Our collection of boys Halloween costumes suit just about any theme - Pirate costumes, Spider-man and Batman costumes, 50’s baby boy Halloween costumes, clown and cheerleader costumes or a Disney toddler costume, famous people, Superhero, theatre and traditional costumes all that is sure to motivate your child join the Halloween festive-spirit.
Watch him reach for the stars in a Toy Story- Woody boys Halloween costume. He’s sure to freeze traffic in his junior police officers baby boys Halloween costume. The playful golfer costume will make him look like a pro, but the Little Kirk costume will take him where no other baby has ever ventured. Think a lobster costume in its ‘original’ color is sumptuous? Wait till you feast your eyes on the impossibly cute monkey baby costume. A trip to Telly Tubby land in a Tinky Winky costume is sure to be quite an eventful journey, just like the NASA astronaut suit.
Forget the holiday season, Sophias Style’s boys Halloween costumes and baby boy Halloween costumes will keep him engaged all year round. 

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Christening Gowns: Treasured Family Heirlooms

When it comes to honoring the significance and celebrating the Godsend gift - your special child, you can trust nothing but christening gowns, christening dresses and baptism gowns hand-crafted to perfection by Sophias Style. With our attention to detail and complete dedication to quality craftsmanship, we deliver, not just a piece of clothing, but a treasured family heirloom for your child and your family.
At Sophias Style, we completely understand the significance of the important events in your child’s life. That’s why each of our baptism gowns, christening dresses and christening gowns are hand crafted using nothing but the best fabrics, colors, cuts, designs, craftsmanship and customer service.
The finest fabrics and trims with special attention to all decorative accents is something that is hard to miss in our exclusive collection of heirloom quality special occasion attire and accessories. In addition to christening gowns, baptism gowns and christening dresses, we also impress you with our fabulous collection of preemie sets, take me home outfits, keepsake gifts and accessories like shoes, socks, matching bibs, blankets, booties, bonnets, bracelets, sweaters and headbands.
Accented perfectly with lovely embroidery, decorative ribbons and laces and stunning pearl, satin and shell buttons, our range of christening gowns and dresses create history.   
At Sophias Style we believe that your child’s special event is an occasion that must be treasured for eternity.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It’s Party Time With Girls Birthday Dresses

Make your little Princess’s birthday extra special with exclusive items of our exciting range of birthday tutus, birthday pillowcase dresses, birthday pettiskirts and first birthday hats. A little help for your little girl in developing her style-quotient will certainly make you proud in the long run. Groom your daughter to perfection with the designer collections from Sophias Style.
A tea length skirt made from shimmering satin with gentle tulle overlay wrapped in colorful ribbons or a girls’ satin cake dress adorned with lovely organza overlay, pretty rosettes, sleeveless bodice and jeweled neckline – girls’ birthday dresses from Sophias Style will make sure the celebrations last the whole year. If pink is not her color, an embroidered white skirt teamed with a yellow satin bodice is sure to leave her completely breathless. She will find it really hard to part with her pillowcase dress in funky orange and pink with brown zebra trim.
 A 50’s inspired swingy birthday skirt made of three fabulous tiers in black with fuchsia and pink polka dots will give the birthday cake some stiff competition. A hand-crafted, embroidered, personalized first birthday dress decked with a birthday cake and her name on the front is sure to complement her very unique personality. Make her feel extra special in a pink over white, layered tee beautifully decorated with rhinestone accents in the shape of a cupcake.
We help you to complete the birthday shopping with our wonderful accessories like adorable birthday hats and matching girls’ shoes.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girls Dress up Clothes: The Party’s Just Begun

Fairies, ladybugs, strawberries, animals, flowers... when it comes to girl’s dress up clothes, the choice is simply endless. Every Halloween, the party kicks off with an astounding collection of girls Halloween costumes and a simply adorable range of baby girl Halloween costumes. It’s one big gala party with fluffy bear, bunny rabbit, duck, kitty cat, lamb and squirrel outfits adding to the celebration.
This year is no different, because Sophias Style is all set to woo your little girl with some very interesting girl’s dress up clothes. Our boutique is a great deal of hope for anxious parents who are trying to break free from the very mundane and extremely generic angel, ladybug, strawberry, puppy, kitty cat, bumble bee, and pumpkin routine. Photo-ops are sure to be some much more fun with Dora the Explorer, Disney Princess, Alice in Wonderland, Barbie, Batgirl, Little Red Riding Hood, and Raggedy Ann girls Halloween costumes and baby girl Halloween costumes.
So why is everybody making a beeline for Sophias Style? Well, let’s just ask Catharine, an enthusiastic mother of two who is completely over the moon with our incredible collection of girls’ dress-up clothes and baby Minnie Halloween costumes with unbridled glee. For Donna, it is a dream come true just watching her bundle of joy in a Cinderella costume. You are sure to experience a sense of pride when your little one slips-on the lioness costume or into an underwater beauty with a little mermaid baby girl costume.
Sleeping beauty, white tiger cub, little pirates, super girl – our impossibly huge collection of girls Halloween costumes and baby girl Halloween costumes is ideal for those that are blessed with imagination that defy the laws of gravity. And for those that do not have creativity written into their DNA code, you can play safe with girls dress up clothes like baby blossom, fairy and strawberry. Who says toddlers cannot have fun?
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Make Every Moment Unique With Girls Special Occasion Dresses

Special occasions call for something special, something unique and something extraordinary. That’s why we at Sophias Style work tirelessly to create exceptional girls’ special occasion dresses so that your little princess is able to create and enjoy timeless moments. Our fabulous selection of special occasion dresses for baby girls and grown-up girls is sure to inject freshness into every event your daughter participates in.
Whatever your style, we have the perfect special occasion dress for your little girl. A black tiered tulle dress in champagne satin with fantastic cuts and irresistible styling is your best bet for Christmas and Hanukkah, but she’ll love to show it off even when the festivities come to an end. While rich red is ideal for Christmas, bring home a teal and black combination for Hanukkah.
The holiday season is incomplete without a holiday dress in pristine white, though a show-stopping black sleeveless special occasion dress for baby girls is sure to give it a run for its style. Try the girl’s special occasion dresses in polka dots or an angelic ivory bow dress and bow skirt and sweater combination topped with shiny metallic embellishments. A cosy and casual knit dress will add warmth to that quiet family dinner near the fireplace.  
Strappy dresses with ruffles, rose necklines and rosettes, white linen blend dresses with tucks and details, ivory silk dresses with beaded pearl bodice – Sophias Style has special occasion dresses for baby girls and teens that you can ask for.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dive Into Our Collection Of Girls Swimwear For Little Mermaids

Summer is here, and it’s time for your little one to make a splash in a range of trendy and glamorous girl’s swimwear from Sophias Style. Shopping for baby girl’s swimwear and girl’s swimsuits is never easy, but at Sophias Style you are sure to find swimwear that will match her style and personality.
Sophia Style Girl’s swimsuits come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. In addition to the massive collection of baby girls swimwear, infant girls swimsuits, toddler girls bathing suits, size 4-6x girls’ swimsuits and size 7-14 girls swimsuits, there are plenty of swimwear accessories such as sandals and flip flops to choose from.
A baby girl’s swimsuit with nappy lining and embroidery is as cute as a 2-piece watermelon tankini in adorable green and white. Swim diapers, one-piece swimsuits with polka dots or floral prints are sure to win your heart. If a one-piece cross back swimsuit or a tankini does not please her, then a 2 piece halter top and boy short swim set or a 2 piece halter bikini swimwear set or even a very chic beach party swimwear just might do the trick. Your little mermaid is sure to be in a whirl trying to select the perfect girl’s swimwear from Sophias Style.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girl’s Dancewear: Number One Choice for Beginners and Advanced Students

Ever wondered why a dancer’s wardrobe needs to be exclusive? A quick look into Sophias Style girls’ dancewear will answer your questions. A touch of style and class in an endless array of colors, designs and comfort is what we offer to the wardrobe collection of your budding dancer. 
Our dance apparel is crafted from soft yet very sturdy material in a wide variety of colors and designs. Young dancers will absolutely love the comfort, fit and the stylish design.
Try our long sleeved dance girl’s leotard in cool blue and add warmth to the class. Little girl’s leotards in lavender or black with just a hint of pink can cause quite a flutter. Watch your little one flower in a muted pink leotard tutu set. Nothing can match the charm of a baby girl’s tulle tutu in sparkling pink. Our designer pull on dance skirts in ravishing pink or delightful blue is sure to add touches of glam and style.
Our incredible collection of soft leather jazz shoes, glitter tap shoes and dance sneakers will also never let you down.
Just a click away to our unbelievable selection of girl’s dancewear, girl’s leotards, girl’s dance shoes and accessories, and you’ll know there’s plenty to sing and dance about -
It’s only at Sophias Style that you will find an enviable collection of girls’ dancewear and dance accessories waiting to dance to your tunes. 
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls Plus Size Clothing: Style and Comfort

The search for ‘Plus size girls clothing’ can be very dull if we do not get the right designer. The constantly growing collection of girl’s plus size clothing at Sophias Style is sure to make you heave a ‘huge’ sigh of relief. From ultra-cool, bejeweled denims, pretty pansy chiffon dresses to fabulous sundresses, butterfly skirts and city girl tops, our collection is certainly a great relief to fashion-lovers.
Sophias Style understands the demand of plus size girls’ clothes and carries a generous selection of plus size fashions geared toward girls of all ages.  Whether you are choosing a formal dress for a very special occasion or a more casual dress with ruffles or graphics for everyday wear, there is an exciting, edgy, adorable, attractive and age-appropriate collection of plus size girl’s clothing in an incredibly comfy combination of fabrics and style.
Check out our shimmering, sparkling collection of sun dresses – knit dresses, smocked dresses, tank dresses and tube dresses. Your little girl’s confidence will be right on top when she tries out our very personalized collection of T-shirts, knit tops, shirts, blouses, polos and sweaters. Watch her transform into the fashion icon she truly is with our sensational collection of jeans, shorts, pants and leggings. Let her make a splash in an array of swimsuits for plus size girls in some brilliant colors – turquoise, pink, black and brown. Watch her fulfill a long-cherished dream when she slips into plus size sleepwear of the perfect style, fabric and finish.
Remember, you score big with Sophias Style’s plus size girls’ clothes.    

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The World At Her Feet With Girls Shoes

Ever wonder what’s the common thread that links girl’s shoes, baby sandals and girl’s sandals? Well, it’s simple, - the desire to extend their footprints in all directions. Just let your stylish, little girl step into any of the Sophias Style fashionable and cool dress shoes, casuals, sneakers, ballet flats, sandals and boots and she is ready to take a step in the right direction.
Crafted with precision, from premium quality materials like cotton and suede, and in a multitude of captivating colors - gorgeous lavender, regal purple, pulsating pink, divine white, fascinating fuchsia, sedate pastel green, patriotic navy blue, sophisticated black and earthy brown - shoes for girls can be dressy, sporty and even Eco-friendly.
Her twinkle toes deserve nothing but the best, so get her the classic running shoes in the winning combination of pink and white. Watch her bloom as vibrant, colorful flowers dance across adorable, slim fitting comfy, strappy sandals or put the sparkle in her life with shimmering soft sole shoes. And if she’s a water baby, let her make a splash with the pool-side, wave-inspired, water-friendly sandals.
Dazzling or dreamy, groovy or glitzy, tough or trendy, regardless of the girls shoes or sandals your little girl chooses, she certainly can have the world at her feet from the wide range of collection at Sophias Style.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Boys Clothes: Cool, Classy, Comfortable

Across the world,  mothers of little toddlers’ debate that shopping for boys clothes is not as much fun as shopping for girl’s ‘clothes. The wide range of boys’ clothes, baby boys’ clothes and boy’s accessories at Sophias Style can change this age-old conception.
Character wear, mini rock-look fashions, edgy tees and distressed jeans – the boy’s fashion scene is all set to send pulses racing. And things are definitely getting better at Sophias Style. From socks and shoes, jeans and t-shirts, overalls, onesie, shirts and polo’s, cargo pants, carpenter pants, corduroys, shorts, cute sweat outfits, sweaters, jackets, coats, vests, hats, cool shoes and everyday wear to formal attire and costumes, we’ve got a massive range of fashionable and hip boys clothes and baby boy clothes.
We have a great collection of soft and super comfy knit tanks in an assortment of bright colors that bring together knit applique and screen printing for that extra pizzazz. It’s a bright and sunny day and it’s hard to keep in indoors. So why not let him have fun in the sun with knit shorts with oversized front pockets and stitched grommets. Watch him jump with joy at the sight of short sleeve shirts and cargo shorts in very exciting colors and designs.
So whether an electric guitar tee or surf board shorts, with Sophias Style’s boy’s clothes and baby boy’s clothes, your little champ is all set to go places. 

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Add some fun and frolic to your child’s wardrobe

A perfect outfit for your daughter gives you every reason to make that special occasion like a birthday bash, Christmas celebration or Easter party as memorable as possible!

Ever thought of dressing up your little girl and not knowing what she should wear for that special occasion? Then, let our experts at Sophias Style take care of your little girl’s wardrobe! Add those funky and stylish girl’s dresses to your child’s wardrobe along with the cute, sweet and adorable little pink dresses for the girls and the little blue outfits for the boys.
Our line of children clothing at Sophias Style Boutique has a huge collection for girls starting from little girl dresses to baby dresses and what’s best is the exclusive range of Rare Edition dresses in the designer wear collection. Isn’t that hard to believe, especially when you are just the kind of parent who would love to give a classic touch to your child’s wardrobe?

A little pink shimmering gown for that long awaited pageant, a stylish black shutter dress for that high school prom, a flower girl dress for that memorable wedding event, or a glittering dress for that surprise birthday party, you name it and we have it. And what’s best is that they all come at reasonable prices to suit your budget.         

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sophias Style Girl’s Outfits For Your Little Angel

Sophias Style has the perfect girl’s outfits created with care. All our girl’s outfits feature fine fabrics, delicate details, and immaculate craftsmanship in a wide variety of style, color, and designs for every season and reason.
A soft, fluffy, floral, dress embroidered with tiny flowers is perfect to welcome spring. A chic and glam halter neck or sleeveless dress in vibrant floral prints will make your baby the fashion icon of the season. She is sure to attract a zillion fans by wearing our blue and white striped sailor doll dress with a nautical collar and stylish tie belt.
Sophias Style also surprises you with great baby girl outfits in a multitude of patterns. Make an evening in the park a celebration of style and color with a muted orange or bright lime green summer dress. Girl’s outfit’s with polka dots and hearts are, of course, an all-time favorite. A trapeze dress with a flower and ribbon embellished empire skirt, a sweetheart neckline, and puffed sleeves is sure to envy her friends.
Let your little girl make a big splash this season! 

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rewrite Convention With Boy’s Formal Wear

Think formal wear for boys, it can be nothing but dull and dreary? Well, it’s about time that the entire look of formal wear for boys – boy’s suits, boy’s tuxedos, and ring bearer tuxedos – got a new lease on life. At Sophias Style, we believe in setting our own rules and so we decided to jazz up our endless collection of boy’s formal wear. Timeless elegance continues to merge with modern-day attitude in our formal clothing for boys, but our creations are still miles ahead of all the others.

Driven by a commitment of presenting the highest standards of boy’s formal wear to all our customers, Sophias Style is proud to present a fine selection of boy’s suits and boy’s dress apparel for all ages.  All of our clothing is tested for durability, quality and attention to detail.

From custom-made classics, to high fashion, we have boy’s suits that address every desire and every occasion.  Our impeccable tailoring of all  natural fabrics are ideal for a any wedding groomsman, junior groomsman, ring bearer.  We have selections for First Communion, Confirmation, Easter, Christmas holiday, evening social party, graduation, and other special occasions. We also feature a wide variety of accessories to compliment boy’s tuxedos, including boy’s belts and boys’ ties. We even have boy’s dress shoes and socks to match.
So, are you ready to rewrite conventional boy’s clothes with us? 

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Boy’s Clothing: A huge difference to your toddlers’ outlook

Dressing up a little boy may seem effortless to an outsider, in reality it is not the case. The laid back, cool and casual attitude of your little boy makes your task of arranging his wardrobe difficult.  Boy’s clothes not only means brand names and style, it also means comfort.

The wide range of boy’s clothing and boy’s accessories at Sophias Style is sure to help your energetic boy grow with tons of fun and style.   From uniforms and  formal  wear,  to swimwear and outerwear, we  will join you to help your son dress himself appropriately for all occasions. 
Visit us at for a stress-free experience of parenting your mischievous toddler.

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