Monday, June 14, 2010

Boys Clothes: Cool, Classy, Comfortable

Across the world,  mothers of little toddlers’ debate that shopping for boys clothes is not as much fun as shopping for girl’s ‘clothes. The wide range of boys’ clothes, baby boys’ clothes and boy’s accessories at Sophias Style can change this age-old conception.
Character wear, mini rock-look fashions, edgy tees and distressed jeans – the boy’s fashion scene is all set to send pulses racing. And things are definitely getting better at Sophias Style. From socks and shoes, jeans and t-shirts, overalls, onesie, shirts and polo’s, cargo pants, carpenter pants, corduroys, shorts, cute sweat outfits, sweaters, jackets, coats, vests, hats, cool shoes and everyday wear to formal attire and costumes, we’ve got a massive range of fashionable and hip boys clothes and baby boy clothes.
We have a great collection of soft and super comfy knit tanks in an assortment of bright colors that bring together knit applique and screen printing for that extra pizzazz. It’s a bright and sunny day and it’s hard to keep in indoors. So why not let him have fun in the sun with knit shorts with oversized front pockets and stitched grommets. Watch him jump with joy at the sight of short sleeve shirts and cargo shorts in very exciting colors and designs.
So whether an electric guitar tee or surf board shorts, with Sophias Style’s boy’s clothes and baby boy’s clothes, your little champ is all set to go places. 

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