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Roper Cowgirl Boots | Sophias Style

Roper Cowgirl Boots
Roper Cowgirl Boots
Now, I know I just lectured you a few blogs ago about the importance of having a pair of cowboy boots in your closet, but the weather outside in Omaha today is perfect for boots and I feel like talking about it again.  Just look at how cute Kate Bosworth and that other girl (whoever she is) are in their boots in the images below! 

The most important thing to remember when shopping for cowboy boots is that quality matters.  You want a well known brand for these, trust me.  There's nothing worse than a pair of rock-bottom plastic boots pinching your toes all day.  For kids boots, the quality is equally important if not more.  Kids care more about comfort, style is secondary (kids are smarter than us) so don't just hit up Wal Mart for the cheapest possible pair of boots.  Instead, come to Sophias Style and get an absurdly good deal on a pair of real, high quality Roper cowgirl boots

Cowgirl Boots
Kate Bosworth and Unidentified Texter Rocking Cowgirl Boots
Roper boots for girls are always in style, always well made, and always guaranted to look fabulous.  Her feet will be comfortable, and she'll look too darling for words. 

I  don't normally condone obsessing about labels, but Roper is one you should be proud to sport.  This company makes a quality, timeless product.  Their selection of Roper kids boots is full of fun colors and styles.  Your little girl is sure to love them, and she'll be able to wear them with almost anything in her closet.  My favorite way to style cowboy boots is with a sundress and a cardi, but they also never fail to look great with skinny jeans and a sweater or t-shirt, or shorts.  They work for any season- they're warm enough for winter and utilitarian enough to be justified in the summer.  On top of all of that, they're good for her feet and safe. 

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