Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding and Christmas Dresses for Girls

Christmas Dresses for Girls
Christmas Dresses for Girls
I know this isn't the season, but really there's never a bad time to be shopping for Christmas dresses for girls.  If you find the perfect toddler girl Christmas dress today, you won't have to panic in November or December, right?  We also have really great baby Christmas dresses and little girl Christmas dresses, so there's a selection for girls of any age. 

Now, on to what we all really want to talk about:  the Royal Wedding/ how handsome guests Mr. and Mrs. Beckham were looking in spite of Victoria's questionable choice of formal maternity wear.  That dress was almost right, but something was missing, wasn't it?  It's just that it was so plain, and she carried a plain bag as well.  
The Beckham's

Why not a really ladylike little clutch instead?  Instead she's walking around in this tent-like dress carrying what appears to be one of those black boxes that's guaranteed to survive airplane crashes.  It's a good thing she wore the hat and kept Mr. Beckham on her arm, without those gorgeous accessories, I think all would have been lost. 
V. Beckham is not my favorite designer; in fact I think she's a rather lousy designer.  That being said, I'm still sort of fascinated by her.  She's so extreme (read: extremely predictable) and her style, while not impressive, has remained essentially un-swayed throughout how many years and major life changes?  The woman is her own version of timeless.  Her dress will always be plain but tailored, and her shoes will always resemble medieval torture devices.  Also, her husband will always be ridiculously good-looking.  Mock her though we may, she's always got that going for her. 

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