Friday, April 22, 2011

Girls Costumes at Sophias

Baby Girl Costumes
Baby Girl Costumes
I know it's a rather silly time of year to be discussing halloween costumes for girls, but let's think outside the box for a minute:  Costume usage does not need to be limited to one single night a year.  Costumes are too much fun to be hidden away for 364 days out of every year!  Why not have a spring costume party?  Think how much fun your daughter and her friends could have dressing up in girls costumes for a sleepover. 
I nearly bought a couple of baby girl costumes for a friend's little girl yesterday, in the end I decided not to because she may have already outgrown those sizes.  But these little tutu skirts with the matching headbands are so sweet, I just want to buy one for someone!  *Sigh* T-4.5 months until my brother will be married and hopefully on his way to getting me an adorable little neice! 

Have a happy Easter weekend!

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