Tuesday, April 26, 2011

These Boots are Made for Walking | Sophias Style

Girls Boots
Girls Boots
 I have a thing for boots.  I love them, I wear them in all seasons with all my clothes.  I don't think there is any such thing as an outfit that can't be worn with boots, and I firmly believe that an adorable pair of boots has the ability to improve even the blandest of ensembles.  Every lady ought to own four pairs of boots; cowboy boots, rain boots, heeled ankle boots and black riding boots.  You can (and should!) build your collection further from there, but those are the must-haves.  Rain boots will get you and your favorite socks and pants safely through the spring.  Cowboy boots will add a flirty feel to any casual look in any season.  Black heeled ankle boots with black tights and a skirt or dress will make your legs look six miles long, and lastly, black riding boots will make you look chic and pulled together on all of those days when the idea of wearing heels is simply too much to bear. 

Now, a child's wardrobe certainly doesn't require the scope and variety of a lady's wardrobe, but I do still believe every little girl should at least have some cowboy boots and a pair of rain boots.  Cute and functional.  Happily, Sophias Style has been expanding our collection of girls boots, and now we've got a pretty impressive selection.  I especially love the pink pair by Roper Kids featured in the photo.  The heels will light up when she walks, how much fun is that?!  Light up cowboy boots for girls, it's a brilliant idea (no pun intended).  We also have a lot of girls baby boots, including soft soles, so your youngest fashionista can learn to look stylish even before she learns to walk!  It's never too early, right? 

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