Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Infant Dance Wear | Sophias Style

Infant Dance Wear
Infant Dance Wear
It's official, school is out!  Now all you mommies and daddies get to have your kids home all day... every...single... day...

Maybe it's time to sign them up for some summer activities?  Yeah, because adorable though they may be, your kids will inevitably get bored and drive you batty if you don't find a way to get them out of the house this summer.  What better way to wear your little girl out than with some ballet or tap dance classes?  She'll learn rhythm, balance, and grace while you get a much needed hour or two of quiet time.  That's a win-win. 

Not to mention, if you get her into those dance classes, you'll have a good excuse to buy her some absolutely darling toddler girl dance clothing from Sophias Style!  We carry so many sweet little tutus and leotards, and at such reasonable prices, you'll have no trouble getting her girls dance wear wardrobe ready in no time at all. 
Toddler Girl Dance Clothing
Toddler Girl Dance Clothing

I especially love our collection of toddler girl dance clothes and infant dance wear.  When I was a nanny I always thought it was so cute to watch the 2 and 3 year old girls at ballet class!  The were always so excited to wear their tutus, we ended up having to have extras just for them to play in around the house. 

Enjoy shopping our girls dancewear, and more importantly, enjoy taking your little girls to dance class and other summer activities this year!

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