Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School Uniforms for Girls have Arrived at Sophias Style

Girls School Uniforms
Girls School Uniforms
While visiting relatives in San Francisco this winter, I was taking a bus downtown and the cutest group of little first grade girls wearing girls school uniforms got on the bus with their teachers.  They were so adorable, I actually took a picture with my phone.  That officially sold me on school uniforms for girls.  I only wish my school had made such cute, preppy little outfits mandatory.  Instead they allowed me to run around in all kinds of awful 90's stretch pants and neon colors. 
On top of the catastrophe that was 90's fashion, school uniforms would have also saved me from the awkward phase between the ages of about nine to seventeen when getting dressed for school became a challenge of mammoth proportions.  Honestly, some kids whined about algebra, but math never had anything on the unsolvable equation that was my wardrobe situation from the first day of junior high through the last day of high school:  If Sue has 40,000 items of clothing in her closet, and attends school 5 days a week for 36 weeks a year, how many times will she be late to first period because she couldn't find anything to wear?  The answer was A) All of them.
Save your daughter a little time (okay, a lot of time) and several headaches, and buy her girls school uniforms from Sophias Style today.  They'll look great and last all year, and she'll be able to focus on real math. 

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