Friday, June 17, 2011

Girls Designer Shoes for Less at

Girls Designer Shoes
Girls Designer Shoes
Ever since the Wizard of Oz was made into a movie, ruby red glitter shoes have become a necessity in a little girls closet.  They're cute and fun and iconic, what more can you ask for?  I'm really loving Primigi's take on the style, these shoes have a girly feel with sensible elements.  She could wear these every day and they would look and feel great.  The velcro maryjane strap is cute and functional at the same time. 
We have tons of great girls designer shoes by Primigi and other great brands that know just how to take a classic and give it the perfect twist.
We also have some really fabulous designer infant shoes made by brands that not only create great looking shoes, but also make sure that their shoes will help young children that are just learning about walking.  Designer baby shoes and designer toddler girl shoes by Wee Squeak are especially beneficial.  The squeaky soles make it fun for kids to learn how to properly distribute the weight throughout their feet when walking. 
Enjoy shopping affordable baby designer shoes at Sophias Style!

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