Monday, June 13, 2011

Chic Christmas Dresses at Sophias

Girls Christmas Dresses
Girls Christmas Dresses
I will be the first to admit that I am a bit overly enthusiastic about stripes, particularly horizontal ones.  I know they are traditionally an enormous fashion don't, but I love them.  I think they're chic and fun and flattering, and they are the most versatile pattern that ever was.  Honestly, a striped navy and white tee shirt can be worn to give your outfit a charming, casual nautical feel.  An oversized striped sweater with skinny jeans will make your legs look two miles long.  A striped blouse will make even the most blase office ensemble interesting.  And a striped dress?  That will make for the most stylish look in the room.  It's unique and classic at the same time.  I'm in love with our striped girls Christmas dresses.  If you're not quite comfortable with breaking the only fashion rule you mother and grandmother agree upon, then don't.  Have your adorable daughter do it instead with her toddler Christmas dress!  She's way too young to have reservations about anything horizontal, and since you're still the one dressing her, you can totally take credit for the cutting edge fashion statement she's making!  Genius, right?

On a related note, now is the perfect time to get chic Christmas dresses for girls.  We're just getting in all the lastest styles, so you can grab yours before they sell out.  Better hurry!

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