Monday, June 27, 2011

Girls John Deere Boots | Sophias Style

Girls John Deere Boots
Girls John Deere Boots
Now, anyone who didn't grow up in the country may not be aware of this, but John Deere is a really great brand.  They make boots that are tough as nails, so when you buy a pair of girls John Deere boots for your little girl, you can rest assured that they will look fantastic and last her for years.  They also make really cute soft sole baby John Deere boots, which would be a great gift for a new baby! 
For girly girls, I recommend checking out the girls pink John Deere cowboy boots. They're fun, especially in the faux ostrich leather, and they have that country girl look! 

Today is the last day to snag 25% off your entire purchase, so pick up a pair of John Deere baby boots or toddler John Deere boots now!

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