Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How to Choose a Flower Girl and her Flower Girl Dress

Typically a flower girl is a young child between the ages of four and eight, who is connected somehow to the bride and groom. She may be a niece, a family friend, cousin or even a daughter in some cases. Her job is to follow the bridesmaids down the aisle during a wedding, carrying a basket of flowers or flower petals, and to scatter them down the aisle as she walks.

In many cases, it will be very easy to choose a flower girl for your wedding, but for others, it will be a case of choosing between several very different candidates. Remember, it is possible to have two or even three flower girls, which will both improve upon the girls’ confidence, and add significantly to the “cuteness factor” of the wedding. It is more important for you to choose the right aged girl, as girls who are too young tend to be afraid, and do not understand their duties, while girls who are too old may be better suited for a position as a junior bridesmaid, or a reader. Additionally, there’s no reason that you have to have a flower girl, so leave the position out all together if there are no suitable candidates.

One of the best ways to prepare a new flower girl for her duties, is to give her a book that describes her role, in order to get her excited about it. Make sure that her parents are seated on the aisle, near the front, so that she can see them while walking down the aisle. It may also be wise to assign a bridesmaid “buddy” to her, to make sure she is comfortable, and has used the bathroom before the ceremony begins. You should not worry about the flower girl messing up too much, because the guests will find her antics cute, no matter what she does.

Oftentimes, a flower girl is dressed to resemble a miniature version of the bride, or similarly, in a white dress with a sash made to match the dresses on the bridesmaids. This does not mean that you cannot pick any flower girl dress that suits you, and ties in with the theme of the wedding. Just be sure to consider the following points:

  • Make sure that the flower girl dress is comfortable and not too long. This will keep the flower girl from pulling at, or tripping over, her dress.
  • If the flower girl is not into dresses, a formal pantsuit can be used as long as it is as sophisticated as a flower girl’s dress normally would be.
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  • Try to choose something affordable, as the flower girl’s parents typically pay for the dress.
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