Friday, November 21, 2008

Christening Gowns to Treasure Through the Generations


A quiet hush fills the congregation as your baby girl is brought to the front to be presented for her Christening. Parents and family gather around to dedicate their precious treasure in her elegant Christening Gown. As cool water trickles down baby's forehead, slightly startling the sleeping infant, you smile lovingly at this precious one.

This is a day to be treasured in your hearts and so will the special Christening Gown chosen for the occasion. Beautifully crafted Christening Gowns are often handed down through the generations. If you want to start this keepsake tradition in your family, choosing a well crafted and beautiful style is important. Quality brands such as Day Dream Heirlooms or Lito offer excellent choices. When selecting your baby girls dress look for craftsmanship, elegance and timeless styles. For family and friends, attending the special day, accessories such as lace trimmed socks by Piccolo, a delicate lace bonnet, satin bibs, pure white blankets, picture frames and white satin slippers all make wonderful baby Christening gifts. Find these and other Girls Clothing at Sophias Style.

As your baby girl is presented to the congregation and wrapped in their love and yours she will be perfectly beautiful for this very special occasion in her life. You may also rest assured the Christening Gown she wears will be treasured down through the family generations.

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