Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am Sophia’s grandma. Yes, that Sophia, the young lady who was the inspiration for Sophiasstyle.com. Sophia is the oldest of my four granddaughters and, having grown up in a family of brothers and then a son, there is nothing more delightful than granddaughters. Not that I don’t enjoy my brothers and my son. They are great, but girls, little girls – granddaughters – they are delightful.
I don’t live near my granddaughters. I live in Arizona while they live in places farther north but I see them as much as possible and I do enjoy shopping for them. It will still be hot in Arizona when the girls visit us toward the end of the summer. I like to have something for them when they arrive so I did a quick check with the Mom’s and then ordered four pairs of flip-flops in various sizes, a couple of the blue Zutano dresses for the toddlers, a very sporty outfit from Coco Bon Bon for the four-year old and one of Sophia’s Style Trendy Fashion Dresses for the six year old. All are part of the Summer Clearance Sale. When it’s time to dress the girls and head off to the children’s museum I will be ready and they will be – delightful!

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  1. As any future woman, little girls find it a pleasure to dress up and look cute:)And the dresses for them are sometimes more beautiful than the ones for grown-ups!