Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Flower Girl Flower Alternatives |

A beautiful petal alternative!
If you’re planning a wedding then you know just how many details there are to consider. You have to choose a menu, pick jewelry for your bridesmaids, find a cheap flowergirl dress and decide on the types of flowers for the ceremony. No wonder you need a vacation after it’s all said and done! 

I hate to throw another wrench into your plans, but make sure to check with your church, synagogue or ceremony site before making a final decision on your flower girl’s flowers. Some places may not allow the flower girl to drop petals down the aisle because they could stain the floor or carpet. But don’t worry, there are plenty of alternative ways you can incorporate flowers into the flower girl’s walk!

1    Pomander ball Your florist can create one, or you can DIY. Simply cover a foam ball with silk flowers and attach a ribbon so she can carry it. 

2.    Ribbon Wand Attach flowing ribbons, flowers  or tulle to a stick. This would be an especially great prop for an outdoor wedding. The ribbons will look fabulous fluttering in the wind!

3.    Small Bouquet The flower girl is supposed to look like a miniature version of the bride, so why not give her a miniature version of your bridal bouquet? This way she can still carry real flowers but won’t make a mess throwing them on the floor.

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