Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bonnie Jean Girls Dresses | Sophia's Style

Bonnie Jean Floral Belted Sundress

This darling Bonnie Jean dress takes me back to my childhood and to the wonderful taste my grandmother had for little girls dresses. She always picked fashion-forward designs and dressed my little sister and me in matching boutique clothing. Bright colors, beautiful patterns, quality clothing that was made in the USA, just like Bonnie Jean offers the moms and grandmas of today.

My little sis and I always looked forward to the long trips to grandma's, anticipating the new outfits she would have waiting for us. Although we were playing on the swings in the city park in a small town in the middle of Kansas, we looked and felt like fashion models and princesses in our gorgeous new lady-like dresses.

Bonnie Jean offers beautiful clothing and dresses for the baby, toddler and little girl in your life. Choose Bonnie Jean girls dresses because good taste and affordable style are available no matter where you are.   

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