Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Special Occasion Looks for Kids | Sophias Style

Weddings, Baptisms, pageants (and not to mention Easter!) are all coming up soon. ‘Tis the season for all those special occasions! Sophias Style is here to help you find affordable special occasion dresses for girls. Her outfit is important, but don’t forget about another big aspect of her look – the hairstyle!

A grown woman might go have her hair done at a salon for a wedding or special occasion. While this can be a great idea for little girls too, sometimes it is hard to justify for our tiny tots! No matter how much they’re dressed up, they’re always kids first – running, jumping and playing. You hate to see a lot of work on a fancy hairstyle go to waste in 5 minutes flat!

A great do-it-yourself solution for special occasion girls hair only takes a curling iron and an elastic ponytail holder! Curl her hair with whatever curling iron you have around the house and then pull it all up into a ponytail or just the sides up into a half updo. It creates a look that is fancier than her everyday look so it’s perfect for a special event. At the same time, it is casual enough that she can still be herself and feel comfortable. Plus at the end of the day you don’t have hundreds of hair pins to take out!

You can dress up her hairstyle even more by adding a colorful bow or
hair clip – had got plenty of those too! Save big on girls special occasion dresses this season. And don’t forget to pick up a baby special occasion dress for your littlest one too!

What special occasions do you have coming up this Spring? Share with us!

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