Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning In Style! |

Now that winter is gone and Spring has sprung, it’s time for rainy days and a little spring cleaning! Sophias Style can help you dress her for a rainy spring day in our girls outerwear and girls rain coats at discount prices. Then head to the Disney FamilyFun website and check out this Chore Dice. It’s a great way to make cleaning up a little more fun for everyone!

All you’ll need for this craft is:

• Construction paper
• Scissors
• Pen or pencil
• Glue

Assemble a paper cube and then write different chores on each side. (And if you’re a mom with a really long list of chores, make two dice to get the jobs done quicker!) Then let each child in the family roll the dice to see which chore they have to complete. It makes the tasks a little more fun because you won’t know what you’ll get until you toss the dice!

Hopefully this makes your spring cleaning go a little more smoothly this year. Once all the chores are done, head outside for some family playtime! Our baby girls coats, rain boots and girls jackets are just what you need to protect against that chilly spring air!

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