Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Toddler and Baby Summer Activities | Sophias Style

Now that Spring has FINALLY arrived, slip her little feet into a pair of these comfy baby girl shoes and toddler shoes for girls and head outdoors! While a lot of outdoor activities are geared toward older children – kickball, swimming, playing tag – there are still lots of great (and simple!) things you can do to keep your baby or toddler happy and entertained.

Never underestimate the fun of blowing bubbles. Babies and toddlers always seem to be mesmerized by this childhood favorite. Sit down across from your little one and blow bubbles for him or her to chase after or pop. Then give them a turn and teach them how to blow bubbles. You can even find scented soap bubbles for an extra dose of fun!

Of course, those hot summer days call for splishing and splashing in the water. Why should the big kids get to have all the fun swimming? Fill a small baby pool or even just a plastic tub or tote you have lying around with water. Throw in their favorite bath toys and even some summer favorites like a shovel and pail. Slather on the sunscreen and park the pool under a shady tree in the yard. Voila – it’s like bath time only better!

The other day at the checkout in the grocery store the mom in the aisle next to me was bouncing a large rubber yard ball for her toddler boy. His squeals of delight could be heard throughout the entire store! Get a large yard ball and toss it around for your little one. They’ll love chasing it and showing you how far they can throw. Just be careful to steer clear of any thorny rosebushes or all the fun might end with a pop! (I speak from personal experience. This happened with my kids when they were young and it took a long time to dry all those tears!)

Whether it’s for playtime, a special summer occasion or just hanging out, SophiasStyle.com has got the perfect boys and girls shoes for busy kids on the go!

What’s your favorite game to play with your baby or toddler? Sound off!

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