Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fun Ways to Spend The Day With Your Toddler | Sophias Style

Spending time with your little ones can be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience. The times you spend bonding with your toddler girl or boy will help you create memories you’ll cherish forever! Here are some fun and simple activities that help say “I love you!”:

Pamper your little guy or gal with new toddler clothes from Sophias Style. We have many affordable styles to choose from, including toddler dresses, shoes, accessories and more. You’re sure to receive a big bear hug when you present them with a new gift or toy!

Pop a bag of microwave popcorn, grab a blanket and snuggle up together to watch his or her favorite cartoon or kids movie. This one is perfect for a rainy spring day and is sure to make you both feel warm and loved!

Take advantage of some free time and a sunny afternoon if you’ve got it. Go outside together and kick or throw a ball around the yard. You’ll get some exercise and share plenty of laughter and smiles. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Enjoy your time with your toddler – they’ll be all grown up before you know it! And don’t forget to shop SophiasStyle.com for the best deals on shoes, girls dresses, toddler clothing for girls and much more.

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