Friday, May 21, 2010

Kid’s Halloween Costumes: Anything But Child’s Play

Kid’s Halloween costumes are not something parents can be casual about. Kids love to dress up, and there’s no better occasion than Halloween where their talent and ingenuity comes alive. But whether Miley Cyrus’ Girls Halloween costumes or a Batman Baby Boy Halloween costume, parents almost always tend to lose the plot. So what if you are not blessed with an imagination that defies the laws of gravity, we at Sophias Style are here to extend a helping hand when you are bludgeoned by an overdose of Girl’s dress up clothes and Boy’s Halloween costumes.
Sophias Styles is here to impress you with a multitude of Kid’s Halloween costumes. And before your mind conjures up images of small orange pumpkins, miniature black witches, gypsies and over-the-top ghosts, do take a look at our fascinating collection. Whether your little one wants to be ingenious and daring, cute and sassy, glamorous and dashing, or even daunting and scary, you are sure to find many bright sparks that promise to be more exciting than collecting hordes of candy on Halloween night.
While our stunning collection of Girl’s dress up clothes include unicorns, Fiona (Shrek), Rapunzel, Barbie of Swan Lake, Kim Possible, Dora the Explorer, Velma (Scooby Doo), Queen of the Nile and Colonial Girl, boys can also create a sensation  with Colonial Boy, Astronaut, Toy Soldier, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Musketeer, Doughboy, Frontier Boy and Gladiator. From the latest movie and TV show superheroes, to ballerinas, fairies and wizards, and all their favorite Disney comic and cartoon characters, kids can really let their imagination run wild with Sophias Style Kid’s Halloween costumes.

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