Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Girls Swimwear has arrived at Sophia's Style!

Girls Swimwear
Girls Swimwear
 I know it's still December, and we haven't even made it to Christmas yet, but I can't help but get excited about spring and summer already!  I love fall- the weather as well as the fashion, and I like winter because of the holidays and the fashion (I tolerate the weather only because I must), but as soon as New Years is over, I'm set for spring.  I survive January only by curling up with books and ignoring the world until the weather starts to behave reasonably again. 

So, you can imagine my excitement when our shipping manager emailed me that our girls swimwear is here.  We have so many cute new suits, remember when choosing a swimsuit was only about finding a color or pattern you liked?  I miss those days, kids have no idea how easy they've got it.  Grown-ups have to worry about flattering cuts and styles, choosing patterns that accentuate the right things, etc. 

Speaking of, here is a great article about how to find swimwear that flatters your figure.  I definitely recommend giving it a read- if nothing else, it'll be good motivation to keep hitting the gym this winter.  Also, the Orchid Boutique has some really great women's swimwear, so you can start choosing the perfect suit now!  This might be especially helpful if you're planning a tropical vacation this winter. 

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