Monday, February 21, 2011

Girls Clothing

Girls Clothing
Girls Clothing
 This might seem weird, but I would totally wear that jumper by Greggy Girl that's pictured to the left.  It doesn't come in my size, but if it did...  I'm really into the bows and the polka dots, it's retro and classy and girly, and the halter neckline is too pretty.  Wouldn't it be cute with some little two-toned kitten-heel oxfords, and a very ladylike handbag?  Something like this gorgeous little Rebecca Minkoff number.  Alas, we only carry girls clothing, not women's (yet, but we could someday!). 

Speaking of girl's clothes, I just saw some incredibly cute Rare Editions outfits that you should definitely check out- they're very bright and spring-y! 
Enjoy your Monday, and happy shopping!

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