Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Swimwear Season: Yes, Please

Girls Swimwear
Girls Swimwear
It is -9 degrees outside in Omaha today, and needless to say I am less than thrilled.  I realize it's only February, and I realize that the ozone has more holes in it these days than jeans did in the 90's, but I don't care, I want a stable climate and I want it remain stable above zero, is that really so much to ask? 

What I really want is a beach where I can sit under an umbrella, slathered in sunblock (my ancestors lived in Denmark and we don't do tan), and spend the whole day reading a mix of snobby literature and French Vogue from behind an oversized pair of cat-eye sunnies. 

What's not helping me push this daydream aside and get back to work is the fact that my work involves seeing all the incredibly cute baby girl swimwear we've been getting at Sophias!  If your family is lucky enough to be taking a vacation to somewhere tropical, you've simply got to browse through our girls swimsuits and help your little girl pick one (or two, or three) out, there are so many cute styles.  She'd look darling in an animal print bikini with a skirted bottom and pink, ruffled trim.  Or, for the sportier girls out there, we've got the coolest surf swim suits!

Even if you're not headed anywhere that involves sand and palm trees anytime soon, you can pass at least a few frigid February minutes shopping our girls swimwear- that way you'll be all set for when the weather finally does warm up! 

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