Saturday, December 30, 2006

Girls Swimsuits | Splash into Summer with Designer Swimsuits by Big Fish, Le Top, Kate Mack and More

I have always splurged on swimwear for my little girl. As she splashes around in her toddler swimming lessons, I have to admit that it is a pleasure to see her enjoy herself in a comfortable swimsuit that she likes, adding to the fun of a relaxing day at the beach or pool. I am generally convinced of a successful purchase for swimwear when my daughter insists on tearing around the house in her bathing suit daily, using pillows and blankets as makeshift lakes and oceans!
Similar to a jacket, a girls swimsuit for a toddler or little girl is a piece of clothing that will get worn several times throughout the year. Therefore, it is important to find a quality, unique swimsuit that will actually last throughout the season. There are several brands that make quality swim suits with fun and whimsical designs, perfect for an energetic little girl.
Big Fish swimsuits, a subsidiary of Sweet Potatoes, specializes in girls swimwear for girls of all ages. This designer brand is moderately priced, with uniqueness being its main attraction. This spring they offer a plethora of fun baby swimwear, including the dragonfly style, which is adorned with a 3-D dragonfly, sequins and tulle. Irresistible!

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Le Top swimwear is a high quality line that features swimwear and children's clothing for kids from newborn to 6X. Their styles are generally very whimsical and bright, adding even more sunshine into the season!
BT Kids also offers some swimwear which generally includes a bathing suit, coordinating towel and even shoes! BT Kids offers quality classic kids clothing and swimsuit sets at incredibly affordable prices. The ladybug swimsuit set, as well as the lime bathing suit set, are 2 styles by BT Kids which offer complete sets for the beach or pool this summer.

Preview of Kate Mack swimwear.
Kate Mack offers top of the line designer girls swimsuits, with a romantic flair. These bathing suits are very popular, and a bit more pricey. However, the quality and uniqueness of Kate Mack swimwear for girls more than makes up for the price tag on these swimsuits!
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  1. I wanted my baby sister to understand the concept of a bathing suit, what she wanted hers to look like. So thank you, and this was very helpful