Monday, January 04, 2010

Beach Activities For Kids |

Planning to jet set to a tropical location this winter so you can escape the cold? While I’m incredibly jealous of those of you that are, I’ll still pass along these tips for keeping the kids entertained at the beach. The sand and surf can be mesmerizing to many little ones, but since most kids also have attention spans shorter than the average television commercial, it’s best to have a backup plan of activities (yes, even in paradise!)

Dress her in stylish girls swimwear from, head to the beach and catch a little sun while you play these delightful beach games:

Sand Darts
Draw a large circle in the sand and then keep drawing smaller and smaller circles inside of the big circle to create a bull’s eye board. Gather seashells or stones to use as “darts” and assign a point value to each circle. You know what to do next: toss your markers and add up the points!

Water Bucket Relay Race
This game is great for the beach and is sure to get the little ones ready for a nap later on! Split a group of people into two teams (teams of four or more work best). Each team should have one large bucket (3-5 gallon size) and one smaller sand pail. Begin the race at the shoreline with the smaller pail filled with water. Each player must race to the big bucket further up shore and fill it with water from their small pail. The first team to fill their big bucket to the top wins!

Unorganized activities can be just as fun too. Explore the shoreline for interesting creatures – starfish, seashells or birds. And of course it’s always fun to throw a Frisbee or ball around in the warm weather!

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