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Flower Girl Etiquette |

New flower girl dresses and girls special occasion dresses are arriving daily here at and it makes me wonder – is there such a thing as flower girl etiquette? Just a few minutes of internet research and I had my answer – you bet there is! It seems like such a simple concept at first. Little girl, pretty dress, and a walk down the aisle, right? There’s more to it than that! Brides these days have many questions about their flower girl (or flower girls) and what is and isn’t appropriate. Here are a few tips for brides and flower girls-to-be.

Question #1: Who Pays For the Flower Girls Dress?
Should you foot the bill for her flower girl dress or are Mom and Dad responsible? Just like with bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flower girl (or her parents) are generally expected to pay for her attire. However, a great idea is for the bride to buy the dress as an attendant gift . With our wide selection of cheap flower girl dresses at, her dress has never been more affordable! No matter who’s paying, there are options for every budget.

Question #2: A Flower-less Flower Girl?
Many times a ceremony site does not allow throwing of petals or maybe you just aren’t that into them. Will your flower girl look lost without her famous flowers? Instead of tossing petals along the aisle, your flower girl can carry a pomander ball or a tiny bouquet – no mess and still beautiful! Not having a ring bearer? The flower girl can carry the rings instead.

Question #3: How Many Flower Girls Is Too Many?
Maybe you know lots of little girls who would make a great flower girl – and you’re having a hard time just choosing one. Include them all or narrow it down? It’s very common nowadays to have more than one flower girl and two little cuties are always better than one! Still, you don’t want to go overboard. I attended a wedding once with three flower girls and it seemed to be the perfect number. They each held hands and filled the space of the aisle nicely. My personal rule of thumb: if they all can’t walk shoulder to shoulder in one line, you’ve got too many! There are always other jobs you can give the little ones – they can help pass out programs or favors. Of course, it is ultimately your decision and your special day. If six flower girls is what you want, then go for it! 


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