Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Throw a Talent Show Slumber Party |

The good news is a month of winter has already passed. The bad news: we’ve still got two months to go! No worries though, is here to help you fight the winter blues (and crazy cabin fever) with fun indoor activities for you and your kids. Invite her classmates and friends over next weekend for a Talent Show Slumber Party and keep everyone happy and entertained!

Give each girl an invitation with a talent show theme – just print a simple flyer with the details and gold stars on your home computer. Along with her sleeping bag and girls pajamas, ask each girl to prepare a routine to perform at the party (if she’s comfortable doing so). Some suggestions are lip synching or dancing to a favorite song, performing a magic trick or telling jokes. Let the girls use their creativity and ham it up! Encourage them to use costumes and props too.

On the night of the party, clear a side of your basement or living room to use as the “stage.” You can even decorate it with balloons and streamers. To get Dad or Mom involved, have him or her act as host for the show. Let each girl perform for the other guests, and be sure to remind them that not everyone has to. Some girls may be too shy to sing or dance in front of others and besides, watching and cheering can be just as fun!

Another unique way to make it feel like a real show is to host an intermission halfway through. Set up a table or countertop with popcorn, pretzels, juice and other snacks for the girls to munch on. After the show, award each girl with a small prize for performing. Our girls sleepwear makes a great gift, and then she can even wear them to bed that night! Don’t forget party favors for all of the other guests too.

Hope and you have fun, and don’t forget to get all of the performances on home video so they can watch it later!

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