Thursday, August 04, 2011

Girls School Uniform Dresses from

Girls Uniform Dresses

Many schools have moved away from strict uniform codes and instead just started to enforce more lenient dress codes.  The reason for this is that they receive less complaints from parents about the difficulty of finding uniform clothing.  However, purchasing uniform basics is still the easiest way to incorporate dress-code-friendly peices into her wardrobe.  Girls uniform dresses from Sophias Style would be perfect to layer with her favorite t-shirts and cozy sweaters this winter.  And you can rest assured that her girls school uniform skirt will meet the length requirements. 
Personally, I love the girls school uniform scooters.  They're cute and feminine, but more functional than regular girls school uniform skirts.  The best thing about schools that have looser dress code requirements, is that all of her girls school uniform dresses from will mix right in perfectly, and the basic styles will make a great blank canvas for her to style with accessories and really personalize. 

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