Monday, August 22, 2011

To Glitz or Not to Glitz? |

A glitz pageant gown
If your little girl is entering a beauty pageant, there are two common types to decide between – glitz or natural. Likewise, girls pageant dresses fall into one of the two categories. Glitz pageants require a dress embellished to the hilt with sequins, sparkles and tulle galore. Natural pageants feature more simple, everyday looking gowns. In fact, girls pageant gowns for a natural pageant are not really gowns at all, but more like a special occasion dress she’d wear for a holiday or party. They’re a step up from an ordinary everyday dress, but stop short of the over the top look of traditional pageant gowns for girls

As you can imagine, the price varies greatly depending on what type of baby or toddler girl pageant dress you choose. Glitz gowns will naturally be more expensive, usually in the $200-400 range. They are much more detailed and extravagant. Natural pageant dresses, on the other hand, are often times barely more than $50. You can expect pretty fabrics and less labor intensive details, such as a simple bow or sash instead of intricate beading.

A simple natural pageant dress
The good news is that carries both types of girls and toddler pageant dresses, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect gown for whichever type of pageant she enters. She’s sure to look and feel the part in one of our beautiful dresses!

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