Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girls Backpacks | Sophia's Style

Today's trendy girl is involved in many activities in addition to school. That means she needs to keep track of not only her school books and supplies, but also dance accessories, sports equipment and don't forget her tech gadgets! Fortunately there are many different styles of girls backpacks and tote bags in a wide range of prices.

Girls today like to show off their individuality and personality. An easy way to do that is with personalized backpacks for girls. Many of our backpacks can be monogrammed or embroidered with your girl's name or nickname. We have cute bags and girl backpacks that are specifically designed and decorated for cheer, dance, sports and school. 

Little girls love backpacks, too. Even if she is just starting school, she will want to keep all of her belongings organized and handy. Our adorable little girl backpacks include designs featuring Disney characters, cute animals, pretty butterflies and flowers, and fun prints like polka dots and checks. So start her year off right with an accessory that will make her smile and make the back-to-school load a little lighter.

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