Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls School Uniforms | Sophia's Style

Once your summer vacation is over, it's time to start thinking about back to school! If your girls wear school uniforms, shopping is the easiest task on your list to complete.

Every girl wants to fit in, yet show off her personality. Girls school uniforms can actually solve this problem! Here's how to do it: involve your daughter in a little wardrobe planning by having her help you determine how she wants to start with the basics. Does she want only pants and shorts? Does she love to wear skirts and dresses? Figure out which essentials to start with, then decide whether she wants them in black, navy or khaki. We have a great selection of school-approved, logo-free school uniforms for girls that aren't boring. We offer pieces with decorative touches like pleats, tabs and buttons, and even attached bows like on the dress pictured above!

Now, add the school uniform tops. She can choose polo shirts that come in bright, bold solid colors or soft pastels. We also have sweaters and sweater vests that she can layer to create her favorite color combinations. That's a lesson you two will have fun working on, so happy shopping!

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