Friday, November 23, 2007

The True Meaning of Christmas

Tis the season for sending out Christmas cards,shopping for Christmas dresses, and lots of fun activities that keep us all loving this time of year. With all of the hussel and bustle of the holidays and weeks of preparation, it is very easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas and how important it is to teach our children that Christmas is not all about Santa Claus and his eight tiny reindeer. Here are my ideas for keeping the meaning of Christmas alive while still participating in the activities that bring us all so much joy.

A good way of teaching your children the meaning of good ole December 25th is to read them the Christmas Story. The story tells the remembrance of the birth of baby Jesus and the journey that the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph made on a donkey to Bethlehem. They were denied lodging at every inn. The family eventually settled into a manger, where the Mary gave birth to her son without the help of a physician. Although this story is based on Christian faith it may help answer questions your child may have regarding the holiday, or give them a sense of meaning for Christmas and the reason for the celebration.

The Internet may also be a great way for helping your children to understand the true meaning of Christmas. is a great web page for kids to explore during Christmas time. It has a link for the kids to email Santa Claus if they so choose, but there are also web pages that they can go to learn about the ways that children in other countries celebrate their Christmas holiday, including the different versions of Santa Claus that they incorporate into their celebration.

So whether you are wrapped up in shopping for cute gifts for girls or searching for the perfect Christmas dress for your little angel remember Christmas has many choose.

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