Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Online Shopping Makes For Fun and Affordable Wedding Planning

Online shopping is truly a beautiful thing. I didn’t really realize this until I began to plan my wedding last summer. The first day I started planning the big event, I turned to the nearest search engine and looked up photos of flower girl dresses, cakes and everything in between. I really just wanted to get ideas for my own wedding, but what I found was that almost everything I needed was literally right at my fingertips. I never expected to make such major wedding purchases online, but that is exactly what I’ve done. Here are some wedding items that you can easily purchase online too. The best part is, I didn’t spend a fortune on any of it!

Flower Girl Dresses
What better place to find an affordable flower girl dress than girls clothing store? My little cousin is going to be my flower girl, and my aunt wanted to find a flower girl dress that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. offers hundreds of cheap flower girl dresses that are truly unique and elegant. We chose this adorable pink flower girl dress for my cousin to wear. I’m using pink roses in my bouquets so this dress matches perfectly! Even the most upscale bridal salons don’t carry dresses this beautiful!

I never thought I’d order my wedding invitations online, but I was so pleased with the looks and prices I found on a website called . They'll send you free samples of any style you like and their invitations are very affordable  – mine cost less than $1 each!

I was blown away by the selection of beautiful blank paper on the online store . I found the perfect metallic silver paper to make our wedding programs with, for about half of what you’d pay at a craft store.  

I can’t wait until my big day when everything comes together. I think it will beautiful – all with the help of the internet!
Do you have any other tips for us brides? would love to hear your ideas!

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