Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tips To Pick A Christmas Dress

Less than eight weeks until Christmas is upon us – yikes! Those weeks will fly by and I am not even close to ready. I’ve only bought one gift so far, and have no idea what my plans are for the holidays. I’m sure a lot of you can sympathize. It seems the holidays creep up on us quicker and quicker every year.

Still, as long as we start now there’s still plenty of time to pull everything together. One of those details might be her Christmas dress. Of course you want a beautiful, boutique Christmas dress at an affordable price, (and has got you covered here!) but there is more to consider than just cost.

Consider the age of the child you are buying for. Is it a young girl who will be running around playing all day? If so, a shorter dress (knee or tea length) is a good bet. This way she won’t drag it all over the floor or trip over a long dress. Longer styles generally work better for older girls – they can better pull off a long, elegant look.

Also think about the climate you live in. If temperatures are sub-freezing, a long-sleeved dress might work best. If your Christmas tree is a palm tree, opt for short sleeves. Just think about what she will be most comfortable in.

Think outside the “red and green mold.” A cute Christmas dress can still be festive and appropriate even if it’s not traditional holiday colors. The shape and material are what really make Christmas dresses special. This pink and brown taffeta dress is perfect for a holiday occasion. has got every length, sleeve and color you need to make her holiday look a great one. Now if only we could hang those Christmas lights for you!

Who on your list is hardest to shop for? Share your tips and ideas with us!

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