Monday, November 02, 2009

Wedding Planning Isn’t Just for Women |

I’ve learned there are lots of surprises that come up when you are planning your wedding. For example, while planning our guest list, my fiancée and I have found that we’ve got a lot more distant relatives than we thought. I mean really, do we have to invite my mom’s third cousin whose last name we can’t even remember? The small affair we were dreaming of is quickly ballooning into an event with loads of guests.

One much more pleasant surprise is how involved my fiancée has been in the wedding planning process. I always thought men were supposed to be bored to tears by all this wedding preparation. However, all the latest bridal magazines and articles will tell you that more and more men are helping plan their weddings. I think it’s great. I’ve always hated the idea that it is supposed to be “my day.” It is our wedding and I think it my fiancée should get the chance to be involved in the details of our special day.

Time is also a big factor. My fiancée and I are both busy with work, school and our everyday lives. A wedding is too big of an event for just one person to plan – we need both sets of our hands in just to cover the bases!

Alright, so maybe he doesn’t jump up and down at the mention of flower girl dresses or centerpiece arrangements, but my fiancée is definitely willing to be involved. We toured several reception venues together before we made a decision and we also picked out our photographer as a team. The other day he called to ask if there were any phone calls he could make to help out. He booked our DJ over his lunch break so now we can cross that off our list.

Of course, there are some things my fiancée just won’t touch – like the flower girl dress. Luckily, that was an easy job for me anyway. has tons of affordable flowergirl dresses so we got a great dress and saved money. I’m glad we found a cheap flower girl dress but didn’t sacrifice any quality or style.

All in all, planning our wedding has been a fun experience – and we’ve still got five months to go! I’ll keep you posted.

What do you think about men and wedding planning? How involved was your groom?

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