Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Dresses vs. Birthday Outfits |

A birthday party for your little one takes a lot of planning – the cake, the decorations, invitations, party favors….the list goes on and on! One very important aspect of the event is your little girl’s attire. has you covered no matter what you’re in need of. We carry beautiful girls birthday dresses and whimsical birthday outfits for girls that are the perfect look for any birthday bash!

If you can have your pick from so many different styles, how do you know what’s right for her? Here’s the low down on each of these popular styles:

Birthday dresses: This style is perfect for fancy birthday girls! If she loves to dress up and feel like a special princess, then this is the look for her. We have many different types of dresses to choose from – white, pink, polka dots and more! If you do go with a baby birthday dress, it might be a good idea to have a more low key party. You don’t want your little one running around getting grass stains and cake frosting all over her fancy new attire!

Birthday outfits: A pretty birthday outfit can be just as special for your little one as any fancy dress! This is a good choice for the more casual birthday girl. She’ll be more free to jump, run and play all day long. This birthday ensemble by Peaches ‘n Cream sure is cute!

No matter what style you choose, the day will still be special and your little girl will stand out as the birthday girl. Either one looks great in birthday photos, and a dress or outfit can easily be paired with our girls hair bows, birthday hats, shoes and other accessories for a divine birthday look!

And of course her look depends on what type of birthday party you’re throwing. Think colorful girls swimwear for a summer pool party birthday or cute sleepwear for girls if you’re throwing a birthday slumber party. With Sophias Style the boutique birthday possibilities are endless!

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