Monday, February 01, 2010

Easter Cards With Your Own Personal Stamp |

Only about 8 more weeks until Easter! Hard to believe, but it will be here before we know it. Find the perfect girls Easter dress at to prepare for this egg-cellent holiday! We have every color under the rainbow – purple, pink, green, blue and even orange! You’re sure to find designer Easter dresses for less by top brands like Lito, Bonnie Jean, Sweet Kids and more.

After her attire is ready to go, sit down for some craft time with the kids. These Thumb Bunny Cards are sure to be a hit this Easter! For this project you will need:

• White acrylic paint
• Paintbrush
• Paper plate
• Colored card stock/paper
• Black and pink markers

Use the paintbrush to swipe a thin layer of white paint onto the paper plate. This will be your “stamp pad.” Now comes the fun part kids will love! Press your thumb into the white paint and stamp a full thumb print onto the paper. This is the bunny’s head.

Next, press the side of your thumb into the paint and make two skinny stamps above the first thumbprint. These are the bunny’s ears. Wait 20-30 minutes for the paint on the card to dry.

Once the paint is dry, use the markers to draw eyes, a nose and whiskers on the bunny’s face. Then write “Some Bunny Loves You!” (or any other message you’d like) on the front of the card. That’s it – an adorable homemade Easter card for Mom, Dad, grandparents or any other loved one!

As always, use your creativity with this activity. Use different colors of paper, markers and even paint. A brown or gray bunny would be cute too!

Have fun this Easter and don’t forget to shop Sophias Style, your headquarters for baby Easter dresses, girls Easter dresses, plus size Easter dresses and even suits and formal wear for the boys!

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