Monday, February 15, 2010

Don’t Forget Those First Communion Photos |

Little girls and boys spend many months preparing for their first communion – studying the history and significance of the sacrament, shopping for the perfect 1st communion dress and maybe even planning a party or celebration for afterwards. Like any big event, there can be months of anticipation only to have everything pass you by in a matter of hours! That’s why pictures on this special day are more important than ever.

You’ll want to get plenty of single portraits of your little one in his or her first communion clothing, but don’t forget all of the others involved in making this special day happen! Be sure to take a photo with the child’s school teachers or religious educators who have helped the young one prepare for first Holy Communion – including priests, deacons, nuns, or any other ministers. A special photo with the child’s godparents is also a must. Finish up with group family photos or those with special friends.

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