Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Remember A Baby’s Christening For A Lifetime | SophiasStyle.com

A baby girl or boy’s baptism may only happen on one day in his or her life, but it is sure to be cherished forever by Mom, Dad, godparents, grandparents and many other loved ones. SophiasStyle.com can help make that one day and the lifelong memories special with our beautiful heirloom baptism gowns.

All of our baptism dresses are meant to be keepsakes you’ll be able to pass on through the generations to siblings, cousins and other family members. Every family deserves to have such a garment! Our baptism clothing is discount priced so that now everyone can afford a beautiful dress or outfit for their little one. We also carry a special garment bag for our baptism dresses and outfits so that you can protect them from wear and tear over the years.

Another great way to remember the occasion and honor the baby’s godparents is with a baby footprint or handprint kit. You can find these online or at your local craft store. You simply make an impression of your baby’s hand or foot in a clay mold, and then you can present it to a loved one to display as a special keepsake for many years!

Are you a godparent? How are they special to you?

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