Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fall's Hottest Trends in Girls Clothing

This fall, there are so many great trends for girls clothes that you simply can't let your little girl miss out on.  At Sophia's Style, we carry all the newest styles, so you can find everything you need for your little fashionista right here! 

Here's what not to miss: 

Mixed Prints

Girls Clothes
This trend is fun for girls of all ages, and no matter how they do it they'll wind up looking adorable.  For younger girls, the dress pictured to the right is perfect- it's bright, fun and playful, but not overly babyish- so it will look just as cute on a toddler as it does on a six year old! 

Girls Clothing

Ruffles and Tiers 

This season's twist on plaid- a much loved fall and winter classic- is so girly and sweet.  Everything is coming out with ruffled, tiered skirts.  My favorites are the ones that alternate houndstooth with different plaids.  It somehow manages to be silly and sophisticated at the same time, and it always makes me a bit nostalgic for school. 

Girls Dresses
Layered Corduroy Jumpers
By no stretch of the imagination am I a morning person- I have a coffee maker on my nightstand- and when it's cold outside, it takes about four different alarms to get me out of my cozy bed.  But I remember when I was in fourth grade, I had this really cute navy corduroy outfit that came with a matching turtleneck and ribknit tights (yes, I remember my fourth grade wardrobe, stop judging), and I wore it as often as possible because it was so warm.  It was actually easier for me to talk myself into getting out of bed on the mornings when I knew I was going to get to wear that outfit.  Corduroy is the warmest, most comfortable fabric- and layered over an ultra-soft mockneck?  Hello best winter outfit ever! 

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