Saturday, September 11, 2010

Girls Outerwear! | Sophia's Style

Some of our new dress coats for girls are so pretty and fun that I just had to write a blog about it.  I love that Bonnie Jean is making these pretty little animal print coats that come with matching hats!  It's cute, funky, and girlish all at once.  We also have a ton of beautiful girl's jackets and all kinds of different girls outerwear.  Now's the time to start looking, we're hitting our final days of warm weather.  If this winter is anything like the last, you'll be needing all the warm winter clothing you can find to keep your kids safe from the cold.  So check out our fabulous selection of girls coats and jackets at Sophia's Style, we've got everything you could possibly need this winter! 
While browsing through our Sophia's Style Stars page, I actually found two photographs of beautiful little girls wearing this coat!  They look so sweet and pretty!  If you have adorable photos of your kids in Sophia's Style clothing, make sure you send them in, we love seeing happy customers! 


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